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Stem-cell therapy is the future of anti-aging medicine.

It has the potential to cure chronic diseases and ailments we once accepted as a natural part of the aging process – including cancer, heart and lung disease, diabetes and joint pain.

But stem-cell therapy not only aids degenerative and debilitating conditions. It also has the power to rejuvenate your skin and can restore youthful contours to your face.

Most people have heard of stem-cell therapy, but few know what’s really involved.

And it’s pretty simple…

You’re born with a reserve of “replacement cells,” called stem cells. Your body can use these cells to replace any kind of cell that’s damaged, old or dying. New stem cells can also bolster your immune system to fight all the chronic diseases of aging.

You have plenty of stem cells in your body when you’re young. But you lose them as you age.

Through stem-cell therapy, you can activate your own stem cells to heal and regenerate your tissue or organs. These turn the adult stem cells in your body into a powerful anti-aging weapon that fights disease.

Stem-cell therapy hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. But there are natural methods to “jump start” your stem cells’ healing power that you can start right away…

    • The first step is to eat whole, organic food. Processed foods are filled with artificial chemicals that can damage the genetic programming of your stem cells.

To give your body the healthy nutrients it needs, your diet should contain proteins from grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish and eggs from free-range chickens; organic fruits and vegetables; nuts and seeds, including walnuts, almonds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.

      • Add a vitamin C supplement to your diet. Scientists at New York University found that vitamin C improved the efficiency of the process for creating new stem cells by 100-fold.1

Raising the level of vitamin C in your cells also slows down the shortening of telomeres up to 62%.2

      Telomeres are the tiny strands of DNA at the end of each chromosome. Longer telomeres equal a longer, healthier life. I recommend getting up to 3,000 mg of vitamin C per day in divided doses.
      If you’re using conventional vitamin C supplements, start with 1,000 mg in the morning. Then take two more doses with lunch and dinner. If you experience gastric upset, take less with each meal.
    To avoid an upset stomach and increase absorption, try the “lypospheric” form of vitamin C. This new technology wraps the vitamin in a thin layer of fat that shuttles it through your digestive tract and straight to your cells.
  • Practice PACE: You can ramp up your stem-cell activity through vigorous exercise four to five times per week. My PACE program is a great fit, as it helps you progressively increase your heart and lung capacity even if you’re currently out of shape. Research shows that exercise like PACE can increase the number of master stem cells in your body.3 Plus, scientists at the Salk Institute in California discovered exercise triggered regeneration of neural stem cells in the hippocampus. That’s the part of your brain in charge of long-term memory. 4

By following these simple steps, you can start using the disease-preventing power of your stem cells in order to look, feel and be biologically younger today.

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD

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