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Regrow Thicker, Fuller Hair with Infuse


Recapture the look and vibrant feeling of luxurious, thick hair. Enrich your hair and feel young again with Pure Radiance Infuse – Hair Strengthener & Thickener.

Say goodbye to thinning hair. Stop walking quickly past mirrors. Regain your confidence and renew your appearance knowing that you are growing your own hair just as you did in high school.

Infuse reinvigorates your scalp and restores it to good health. Infuse blocks the deteriorating effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the naturally produced metabolite that causes hair loss.

Feed Your Follicles What They Need to Grow Again

By blocking this hair-destroying hormone, Infuse serves as fuel for hair growth. This special spray formula of natural herbs and botanicals acts as a concentrated hair accelerator. And it’s equally effective for men and women.

With just two convenient spray applications each day, Infuse gets deep into your scalp, down where the roots are. Infuse replenishes those roots with rich nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to promote vibrant hair growth. Clinically proven to stimulate natural hair growth, Infuse also contains fenugreek to improve blood circulation.

Infuse will help you:

  • Reduce hair loss
  • Restore natural hair growth
  • Revitalize your appearance

Reawaken the hair that has been dormant for too long. Look great and feel great with each daily application of Infuse.

Restore your confidence and appearance with Infuse, and watch your hair come alive again.

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