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Natural Wood Comb

Natural CombMassage and Condition Your Hair Every Time You Comb it…

This hand-crafted wood comb glides through your hair without pulling or tearing. Plus, it adds shine to your hair every time you use it.

Most combs are made with plastics. Plastics are made from petroleum and are chemically processed. Chemicals used in processing create toxic residues that can be transferred to your hair. Especially when heated with a blow dryer.

They impart your hair with static electricity which can result in frizzy hair. They also break strands of hair, increase split ends, and cause accelerated hair loss.

But you can say goodbye to all of that!

Wood combs have been used for thousands of years. They distribute your natural oils through your hair with every stroke! You can feel the difference the very first time you use it.
Now you can show off your beautiful hair without worrying about static electricity, split ends, or unhealthy toxins seeping into your hair.

This durable comb is silky smooth, splinter proof, unique and attractive and fits into any purse.

Price: $11.97
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