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Organic Cotton Rounds

Pamper Your Face With Organic Cotton Rounds

Would you ever clean your face with deadly chemicals? Of course not! But that may be exactly what you do every time you use ordinary cotton rounds.

A quarter of all the world’s pesticides are used on cotton crops. And university tests prove that traces of these deadly pesticides remain on cotton products sold in stores. That’s not what you want touching the delicate skin of your face.

You choose cotton because it’s supposed to be kind to your skin. Well, now it is…

Because Pure Radiance brings you Organic Cotton Rounds. They’re everything you want for your delicate skin without the “extras.” Our cotton rounds are:

  • 100% certified organic
  • Free of the pesticides used to grow most cotton
  • Made without the chlorine and dioxin used on ordinary cotton
  • Guaranteed to be synthetic-free, perfume-free, and hypoallergenic
  • 100% biodegradable

At last you can pamper your face with a cotton round that’s as pure and clean as your skin itself. Organic Cotton Rounds from Pure Radiance.

Price: $3.97
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