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Today, I want to talk to you about serious anti-aging oxygen therapy

You see, if your oxygen levels are even a little low, your body lets you know right away. You feel fatigued. You get aches, pains and nausea. You get headaches and brain fog. You even gain weight.

And if you let it go, it can lead to hypoxia. That’s a serious condition of low oxygen.  It’s linked to mental decline, chronic wounds and cancer.

I’m seeing more and more patients with low oxygen. Usually, it’s caused by shallow breathing from inactivity, slouching over a keyboard all day or city living.  Stress, anxiety and tension make it worse. Anemia, smoking, and heavy drinking are of the some other causes.1,2

Most doctors dismiss symptoms of low oxygen as “normal aging.”  But you don’t have to accept it.  Low oxygen can be prevented and even reversed with proven technology.

It’s called hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) — and I use it regularly with patients at my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

HBOT is simply breathing in 100% oxygen under higher pressure than we have normally in the atmosphere.

Since the 1930s HBOT has been used to help deep-sea divers heal from the bends. And since the 1960s it’s been used for victims of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Many hospitals and healing centers now also use HBOT as a standard protocol for wound healing after surgery. They also use it to speed the healing of wounds caused by poor circulation and diabetes.

Some NFL athletes even own their own hyperbaric chambers to help them heal up quickly after an injury.

It’s one of the most powerful anti-aging therapies we have.

You see, every cell in your body “breathes” oxygen. It uses this fuel to repair DNA and damaged structures within the cell. It also uses the oxygen to create new healthy cells.

When you have an injury anywhere in your body — whether it’s a blocked artery, a wound or inflammation — oxygen can’t get through as well. The injury reduces the blood flow to the damaged area. Oxygen gets cut off or cut down. Healing slows.

HBOT floods the entire bloodstream with oxygen. It triggers your body’s natural healing process by turning on genes linked to growth. These are the same genes that encourage healing. Oxygen also turns off inflammation and cell death.3

The effects are felt throughout the entire body, not just at the wound site. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to:

  • Zap dangerous bacteria and viruses;
  • Energize the entire body;
  • Help cells flush toxins and heavy metals;
  • Fuel brain and nerve cells to keep you alert and thinking clearly;
  • Regrow brain cells and reduce brain swelling after a stroke;4
  • Regenerate collagen and elastin for younger looking skin;
  • Limit radiation damage to soft tissue;5
  • Stimulate new blood vessel growth; and
  • Keep muscles moving smoothly.

And because HBOT is an FDA-approved therapy, many insurance companies now pay for certain treatments.

If you would like more information about undergoing therapy at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine and how it might help you, please contact my staff at 561-784-7852. They’ll be happy to explain everything to you.

And if you can’t travel to South Florida, there are still ways to get more oxygen into your blood and your brain from home.

1. Increase your lung capacity. This is the first thing I advise my patients. Start by becoming mindful about your breathing as you go through your day. Try to remember to take deep breaths, filling your lungs right down to your abdomen. These deep breaths increase your oxygen and produce a calming effect.

Then work on improving your lung capacity so blood and oxygen flow easily throughout your body. My PACE program is ideally designed for this.  It increases your body’s oxygen demand and expands your lung capacity over time.

2. Take omega-3s for oxygen intake and delivery. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in protecting the membranes of red blood cells. They make the cells more flexible so they move easily through capillaries and cells delivering oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. They also help relax arteries in the lungs to boost oxygen intake into the lungs.6

I don’t recommend getting omega-3s from plain fish oil anymore. Most of it is polluted and it’s poorly absorbed. Instead look for krill and calamarine (squid) oils. These oils are better at keeping your cells, tissues, and organs fully oxygenated.

3. Boost oxygen with this herb. Rhodiola rosea is a golden flower that grows wild in high mountain ranges around the world. Tibetan sherpas use rhodiola at high altitudes for energy, physical endurance, and to protect against altitude sickness.

Modern research proves that rhodiola increases oxygen intake in the lungs and helps saturate the blood.7 This herb also stimulates red blood-cell production to keep blood vessels healthy and growing.

Enjoy rhodiola in a tea, the way the sherpas do. Or you can find it in capsule form. I recommend daily doses of 200 mg for the best effect.

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS

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