I Hiked into the Amazon and
Discovered the Secret to Younger-Looking Skin

Dear Friend,

On a trip to the Peruvian Amazon, I “accidentally” discovered a natural skin beautifier that’s unknown to the outside world.

You won’t find it in any department store or hear about it on any daytime talk show.


Shield your face from damage.

The story of how I found it would make a good adventure novel... but the results I’ve seen with my patients are remarkable.

I have good reason to believe this could be the best skin beautifier and anti-aging tonic in the world.

It has the ability to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and keep your face and hands supple and baby soft.

Today I’ll show you how you can be one of the first to watch lines, wrinkles, blemishes and age spots fade away. You’ll see rough, tired skin become smooth to reveal a softer, younger face underneath.

Glide your hand across your face and you’ll feel a firm, silky, youthful texture... look into your bathroom mirror and you’ll find younger, more beautiful appearing skin. The kind you haven’t seen in years.

I Went to Peru in Search of Healing Herbs...
What I Found Will Make You Look Years Younger

The women of Peru keep an extraordinary beauty secret.

There we were, having coffee in a small mountain town, high above the Amazon basin. Maggie, my Peruvian friend, was telling us about her career as a polo player and show jumper.

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Someone at the table remarked, “How do you stay looking so good when you’re always outdoors..."

That’s when she let it slip.

“There’s something we have in this country that keeps our skin looking young. Without it I’d look like an old hag.”

The women at the table all sat up a little straighter, waiting for her to say more.

But Maggie just sat there with a grin on her face and took another sip of café au lait.

Sue, my American friend, was about to burst.

“Are you going to tell us what it is... or do I have to guess?”

“Caracol Bella.”

Sue looked at Maggie, waiting for a translation.

“It’s a natural remedy. It soothes your skin and locks in moisture. In fact, it can fade the appearance of the ugly things old age does to your face. Like I said, I would look like a hag without it.”

Sue was hooked.

And I was intrigued. Could these lovely South American women really hold the secret to soft and beautiful skin?

Later that afternoon I asked Maggie for more details. Turns out, women have been using this healing serum for about 15 years. Yet here in the United States, no one has access to it, or even knows about it.

How the 5-Star Restaurants of Paris Led to a Remarkable Discovery

Back in 1980, a family in Chile made a startling find.

The dry, withered hands of their farm workers suddenly became incredibly soft. And it worked wonders on their hands.

On their farm, they raised escargot for export to the famous restaurants and bistros of Paris.

Handling the snails had a rejuvenating effect on their skin.

After 15 years of research, the first serum hit the market. Today it’s the best-kept beauty secret in the world.

How does it work?

The escargot, a variety known as Cryptomphalus aspersa, produces an enzyme that seals in moisture and supports young, beautiful skin.

Escargot uses this enzyme as a kind of shield when they hibernate.

When the farm workers handled it, they found their skin softened, regenerated ... and the appearance of spots and blemishes faded away.

Women like Maggie have been using this formula for years to protect their skin and keep them looking young.

I was so impressed by the results, I arranged to bring Caracol Bella here to the United States.

And There’s Clinical Evidence to Back it Up...

The journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology published a study confirming the rejuvenating benefits.1

U.S. and European researchers collaborated on a landmark study showing the molecular basis for this remarkable substance.

They concluded the enzymes found in Caracol Bella:

  • Possess skin-regenerative properties

  • Contain powerful antioxidants to fight skin damage

  • Provide cellular regeneration

I've seen these results first hand.

Here’s what some of my patients are saying:

“I've already noticed a change to my face in softness and smoothness. I'm loving it! Also, it seems my cheeks aren't as red as usual. I have lots of capillaries over my cheeks that make my cheeks look irritated with the redness, so I have to use makeup to hide them. They don't seem as red as they have for the past 20 years. All in all, I am really liking this. I'm 57 and am always looking for something to ease the redness of my face and help keep my skin smooth and soft and combat any future wrinkles. I think I've found what I need in Caracol Bella. Thank you!!” -Nancy C.

“I’m amazed at how well Caracol Bella works. I’ve used it on my c-section scar for just 4 weeks and already I see great results. I also like the way it feels. It goes on cool and clean, not greasy or oily. And it smells fresh. I’ll definitely keep using it.” -Arlene M.

Powerful Antioxidants Shield Your Face from Damage

The study on the serum found in Caracol Bella showed it has powerful antioxidants, especially SOD. This “primary” antioxidant helps keep your face beautiful, even under the harshest conditions. It’s also your best chance at keeping a fresh, taut face that projects a clean, warm glow.

The researchers discovered that when the serum was applied twice a day for three months, signs of environmental stress were reduced significantly.2

SOD is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage, helping your skin to look its best. That’s why the clinical results are so impressive. SOD is the first antioxidant to attack harmful “superoxide radicals” by transforming them into less reactive ions.

Caracol Bella triggers an orchestrated and well-rounded support of your skin, while at the same time protecting you even in the harshest environments.

But there’s another beautifier at play here...

Lock in Moisture to Keep Your Skin Firm and Tight

Caracol Bella provides your skin with one of the most important nutrients for beautiful skin: hyaluronic acid (HA).

HA is a hallmark of youth. Like water, HA hydrates your skin and gives your skin cells shape and structure. When you’re young and levels of HA are high, your face looks and feels smooth and tight. Your face has a clean, youthful shape.

But as you age, and levels of HA drop, your skin cells lose their structure. And when they start to collapse, your face starts to sag and droop.

HA has the amazing ability to hold vast amounts of water, absorbing around 1,000 times its weight in water. It enhances volume and elasticity to restore a youthful balance to your face.

And that’s exactly what your skin needs.

Without enough moisture, your skin becomes loose, dry and wrinkled, adding years to your age. But when your skin has enough HA, all that water plumps up your skin for a fuller, younger appearance.

When you use it topically, significant results can occur. That’s because your skin can absorb HA at a cellular level. Unlike some other moisturizers that simply sit on the top of your skin, HA sinks into the deeper levels of your skin tissue.

It also acts as a “carrier,” delivering all of the anti-aging ingredients in Caracol Bella deeply into your cells to create youthful skin that no store-bought product can match.3

HA on its own would be enough to make Caracol Bella an amazing find.

But the beautifying qualities of the serum, combined with its powerful antioxidants and HA, make Caracol Bella worthy of its near legendary status in South America.

And unless you travel to South America, there’s no way to get anything like it.

So let me make this easy for you.

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It’s hard to deny... South American women have a certain exotic quality that makes men turn their heads.

And they have a beauty secret that keeps them looking gorgeous far beyond their years.

Caracol Bella

And there's clinical evidence to back it up...

As my friend Maggie said, “Caracol Bella soothes your skin and locks in moisture. In fact, it can erase some of the ugly things old age does to your face. Like I said, I would look like a hag without it.”

Now you can have the same “unfair advantage” these ladies have.

And you’ll have an exclusive on this one.

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Try it and feel the difference. Watch every morning as wrinkles fade and that youthful glow shines through. Glide your hands over your face and feel your silky-soft skin.

And of course, enjoy the compliments when people mistake you for being younger than you really are.

Caracol Bella gets you noticed.

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD

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If Caracol Bella does help you, you’ll be writing me a success story like the ones you see in this letter, telling me how Caracol Bella changed your life by giving your skin renewed vitality, color and smoothness.

Either way, you can’t lose!

YES! I want the Peruvian beauty secret that visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and blemishes, and keeps my face and hands supple and baby soft!

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[1,2] Brieva A, et al, “Molecular Basis for the Regenerative Properties of a Secretion of the Mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa,” Skin Pharmacol Physiol. 2008; 21:15-22.
[3] Brown T, Alcorn D, et al, “Absorption of Hyaluronan Applied to the Surface of Intact Skin,” Journal of Investigative Dermatology 1999; 113, 740–746; doi:10.1046/j.1523-1747.1999.00745

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