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How Can I Regrow Hair at Home?

Finally, Stem Cells Grow New Hair

A monumental discovery has conquered the single biggest limitation in stem cell science – hair growth.

This breakthrough could not have come at a better time. Women are now experiencing hair loss and thinning at a much younger age than ever before.

In fact, according to the American Hair Loss Association, forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are 40. For many women, hair loss or thinning hair can result in diminishing self-esteem. It can also cause depression and anxiety, among other emotional issues.

Women can detect early warning signs of balding such as split ends, excessive hair shedding, clogged shower drains and loss of volume.

Research shows these early warnings of hair loss start when the cluster of cells responsible for hair growth — collectively called your hair follicle — stops receiving the raw ingredients needed to grow hair. The most important of these is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).

NAD+ is found in every cell in your body. It converts nutrients from the food you eat into energy to fuel your body. Including the energy needed to grow hair. You have plenty of NAD+ when you’re young. But as you age, levels drop. The good news is your body can make NAD+ from a vitamin called niacinamide. And niacinamide is readily absorbable through your skin.

This compelling research resonated with a pioneer anti-aging MD in Florida and influenced him to develop an innovative, all-natural approach to promote healthy hair and reverse hair loss.

Get Back to The Roots

The most shocking truth that you won’t hear from any companies in the $88 billion global hair care market, is that you need to care for your follicles — because your hair is dead.

While vitamins for hair growth are nothing new, the tactic of using celebrities and personalities rather than professional doctors is changing the market.

What these influencers aren’t telling you is that you can’t eliminate stress, replace a diet, or simply pop a pill to overcome hair loss.

As it turns out, the real source of healthy hair lies on the scalp in your follicles. This part of the hair is indeed alive and needs plenty of good nutrients, gentleness and care, to grow healthy and strong.

Hair loss is often thought of as a strictly male disease. This is why women’s problems with hair loss are often dismissed by physicians. But women are even more at risk for premature hair loss given the extensive regimens. From hair dyes and highlights, to dry shampoo and extreme heat exposure via styling tools.

Stem Cells Supercharge the Follicle Pipeline

Each hair follicle reaches into the deeper layer of the skin for blood flow and nourishment. But all hair follicles have a tolerance level and with chemical products we are way past that point, resulting in damage and often inflammation of the scalp.

In fact, the hair follicles are so overwhelmed your body is unable to produce adequate amounts of NAD+.

But if you nourish the roots with the right ingredients, you support stem cells by giving them a boost, which is needed to activate and repair.

Dr. Sears’ stem cell formula, Re-Nourish, can deliver that sought-after boost to the roots.

Re-Nourish Ingredients

1. Niacinamide is the key ingredient to restoring your falling NAD+ levels. It feeds starving stem cells in hair follicles to help you grow hair again.

2. Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract helps extend the life of hair follicles, which leads to thicker and stronger hair.

3. Fenugreek is an Indian spice shown to stimulate stem cells to nourish hair.

4. Black cumin seed oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory that signals stem cells to boost hair restoration, which brings luster to your hair.

5. Biotin — the essentail B vitamin that helps increase hair elasticity and prevent breakage.



Re-Nourish Nutrition for your Hair is a completely natural blend of essential hair growth nutrients that support beautiful and radiant hair. Our unique ingredients increase blood circulation to treated areas, stimulate hair regrowth and restore shine.

Pure Radiance has a no-nonsense, no-risk, 90-day money back guarantee.


Start using Re-Nourish today!


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