Seven Most Toxic Cosmetics

Would you rub industrial waste into your baby’s skin? Moisturize your face with window cleaner? Style your hair with the chemical soup used to preserve lab specimens?

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If you use baby oil, shampoo, hair color – or almost any other cosmetic product – chances are that’s exactly what you’re doing! Even so-called "natural" products.

You see, the cosmetics industry dumps all sorts of chemical crud into the products they sell. Ninety percent of the chemicals they use haven’t even been tested to their own standards… and those chemicals are used in 99 percent of the cosmetics sold today.

They have to tell their employees that these chemicals are "harmful," "corrosive" or "may produce pain." But they don’t have to tell you. So they don’t.

That’s why you need to protect yourself from toxic cosmetics. And why you have to read my FREE report, Exposed: 7 Toxic Cosmetics.

In it, you’ll discover seven toxic chemicals used in tens of thousands of cosmetic products.
Chemicals such as …

The sunscreen ingredient that makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.
The "germ killer" that zaps the hormones controlling your body temperature, blood pressure and more. It’s used in almost every brand of toothpaste.
A solvent found in bath oils, blushes and nail products… that promotes early puberty. Imagine your little girl using that!

You need to protect yourself and your family … because the cosmetics industry certainly isn’t going to.

In Exposed: 7 Toxic Cosmetics, you’ll discover seven of the worst offenders … the dangers they pose … and the types of products they’re used in. So you’ll know what to look for to keep yourself and your family safe.

Plus, when you order your free report, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to my twice-weekly e-letter Ageless Beauty. In it, I’ll share all the latest information on how to look younger, naturally.

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