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Plant Stem Cells Reverse Aging Skin


Can you imagine reversing cellular aging to make your skin biologically younger at the DNA level? With the wisdom of plants and the promise of science, this is now possible.

This is something the billion-dollar beauty industry just can’t do. Big Beauty has never gotten to the root cause of dull, dry and wrinkly skin. And that is because they don’t understand “skin senescence” — the cellular aging of our largest organ, our skin.

But anti-aging breakthroughs have changed all that. First was the discovery of stem cells to repair and renew your skin. But as you get older, your stem cell supply drops drastically due to toxins, sun damage and pollution.

When you’re a kid, your skin has plenty of stem cells. They’re more resilient and easily replenish moisture to make new, healthy firm skin. But as we age, there are fewer stem cells because they have to work harder to repair themselves.

Your stem cells need backup. And the new revolution in botanical skincare is just what your stem cells need.

It starts with a rare sour apple that grows in the Swiss Alps called the Uttwiler Spätlauber. If you cut this apple while it’s on the tree it magically heals itself. Stem cells in the apple transform it from damaged to perfect again.1 And when you pick this apple, it stays fresh for four months.

Here’s how it works…

When the apple senses damage, it sends out a signal molecule that wakes up the plant’s stem cells. Then the stem cells get to work repairing and reconstructing the damaged apple.

Now, you can’t use plant stem cells from an apple to repair your skin. But cutting-edge science has done something ingenious. It isolated the “SOS” signal molecule.

And studies show these molecules can also activate your skin’s stem cells. When you put these SOS molecules on your skin, it gets the message to make younger, fresher cells to repair any damage.

But does this technology work for women? Researchers asked a group of 20 women aged 37 to 64 to use a skin cream made from an extract of the Swiss apple cells for 28 days. In less than a month, every single woman saw the depth of her wrinkles decrease by 15%.2

And in another study, the apple stem cells stimulated new skin cell growth by 100%.3

This is a whole new chapter in natural skin care. Your skin doesn’t just look fresher. It’s renewed and becomes biologically younger.



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