Dr. Sears

Formulated by World-Renowned
Anti-Aging Pioneer Dr. Al Sears



Neck Lifting and Firming Cream

Magestic is the first anti-aging neck lifting and firming cream uniquely formulated to support telomeres.

Supply Your Skin with Essential Nutrients to Keep It Young and Supple


Edelweiss is a flower that grows in brutal mountainous environments from the Alps to the Himalayas. It was built for survival.

And it’s a main ingredient in Magestic — one that helps your skin not just survive, but defy aging.

This potent alpine flower protects against oxidative stress from air pollution and UV radiation. It also recreates skin tension, tightens neck skin and smooths out wrinkles.

In studies, this incredible ingredient:

  • Lifted sagging skin by up to 56% within 3 weeks1
  • Significantly smoothed out skin folds within 6 weeks2
  • Protected dermal fibroblasts against degradation
  • Helped stave off and prevent collagen fragmentation
  • Fought off free radical damage
  • Stimulate collagen production and synthesis
  • Improve skin elasticity and firmness by up to 55% in 8 weeks3
  • Improve skin hydration by up to 96% in 8 weeks4

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2 Ibid.
3 Jegasothy, S. Manjula, et al. “Efficacy of a New Topical Nano-hyaluronic Acid in Humans.” J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2014 Mar; 7(3): 27–29.
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Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Sun Spots

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