Rejuvenol 3

New Omega-3 Wonder that’s 800% Better for Women than Fish Oil

There’s now a new and better way for you to enjoy lustrous hair… flawless skin… a slimmer body… a sharper brain… and a stronger heart.

Rejuvenol 3 delivers 16 times more DHA than the top-selling Omega 3 products!


Rejuvenol 3 is three generations ahead of typical fish oil or omega-3 supplements. Why? The answer starts with its unique source of DHA, the most potent and vital fatty acid found in omega-3s.

Rejuvenol 3 Harnesses the “Universal Healing Nutrient” Found in a Unique Deep Sea Source of Omega-3s (Hint: not fish)

I call DHA the “universal healing nutrient” because every one of your cells has built-in receptors that absorb it, and every one of your cells is craving it. And new research backs this up, reporting that DHA can give you…

  • A supercharged memory: Tufts University researchers report that those with high levels of DHA have a 47% lower risk of memory and brain concerns.
  • Younger, healthier looking skin: Clinical results from omega-3s like DHA can improve overall skin condition and reduce itching, scaling or redness, according to a study published in  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Healthy blood sugar: Nearly 70% of people with blood sugar concerns who took DHA had a healthier response to insulin. 
  • Good cholesterol and triglycerides: In higher doses, DHA raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol to a protective level, while keeping blood fats low.
  • Sharper vision and healthy eyes: Studies show that folks with high levels of DHA were up to 50% more likely to have healthy maculas.
  • Greater joint mobility: People taking highly absorbable DHA saw pain scores drop by 28.7%… stiffness scores drop by 20.3%… and functional impairment scores drop by 22.8%.
  • Thicker, fuller hair: A stunning study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reports that 120 healthy females who took omega 3s (DHA), omega 6s and antioxidants got great results fighting off hair loss. After six months of treatment, 89% of women reported a reduction in hair loss… 86% reported an improvement in hair diameter… and 87% reported an improvement in hair density.

Amazing results like I’ve never seen before!

It’s a medical fact: Your body needs much higher levels of DHA than it does of EPA (the other fatty acid found in omega-3s).

In a clinical comparison versus fish oil, Rejuvenol 3 is:

  • 64% better at burning off fat
  • 72% better at easing bloating
  • 93% better at soothing achy joints
  • 106% better for reducing stress
  • 127% better for calming irritability
  • And for healthier cholesterol and
    triglycerides, 800% better!

Most people today are lacking the essential nutrients and as a result are looking and feeling older before their time.

For the first time, I’ve combined hard-to-get nutrients with the most powerful omega-3 fatty acids on earth in the new Rejuvenol 3.

Rejuvenol 3 contains youth-boosting, cell-rejuvenating nutrients.

With the highest concentration of DHA and the most potent Omega-3s on Earth, this anti-aging breakthrough makes you look and feel younger and healthier.

And this self-confidence goes full circle back into how people respond to you.

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