Dr. Sears

Formulated by World-Renowned
Anti-Aging Pioneer Dr. Al Sears


Splash Facial Cleanser

Purifying Rose Hip Cleanser

Every good facial treatment starts with a cleanser. You need to remove the dirt and oil from your skin so the other products can penetrate deep into your pores. And while regular cleansers might get the basic job done, Splash does so much more than that.

Gentle Cleansing that Nourishes Your Skin

Your cleanser shouldn’t damage your skin… but that’s exactly what many cleansers do. Common cleanser ingredients can irritate your sensitive skin and rob it of life-giving moisture.

But Splash cleans gently and thoroughly while nourishing your skin. Splash’s natural ingredients hydrate, moisturize and repair your skin. You’re left feeling soft, clean and refreshed — because you are.

Cleansers from natural olive oil gently remove dirt and pollutants. Natural glycerin hydrates, improves elasticity and repairs your skin. Rose hip seed oil and retinoic acid reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars. And exotic Eriobotrya Japonica extract conditions the skin.

With Splash, you don’t merely cleanse… you rejuvenate your skin.

Why settle for a cleanser that merely cleans? Or worse, one that damages your skin?

Splash gently removes the dirt and pollutants that can make your skin look old before its time. And the nourishing ingredients in Splash help you maintain a vibrant, youthful look.

Protect your skin’s youthful appearance with the selective blend of essential oils and plant extracts in Splash.

Advanced Lift and Tight® Serum with Stem Cell Technology

Renew SCII is the first of its kind with its unique capacity to stimulate and protect human stem cells, support healthy collagen levels and erase years from your face.

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