“It’s very difficult for me to find a good moisturizer.

What I love about Revive is that it goes on smooth – no greasy feel – but really plumps up my skin nicely so it looks younger.

I can see a huge difference after only a month… especially around my eyes and mouth. I love it!”

– D.N., West Palm Beach, FL

“I’m almost 60 and I notice that my face looks smoother and less dry. I have rosacea (little veins) that make my face red, but that has improved. Also, my pores look finer. I use the cream in the PM before bed and AM under make-up. My make-up looks much smoother rather than chalky and thick. I love it.”

Georgia J., Wichita, KS

“I have been using Revive for about 4 months. The wrinkles in my forehead have diminished. I am getting definition back around my jaw line. My skin tone and elasticity have improved and the skin on my neck has tightened a lot. My face definitely looks younger!”–Toni G., Cincinnati, OH

“My husband actually purchased the Revive, but I started using it too. My skin looks much more youthful. It has taken away the fine lines around my eyes and mouth and reduced the deeper lines. I use the product in the morning and before bed. I use it on my face, neck and rub the remainder on my hands. I have received several compliments on how youthful my skin looks…….even from a friend who works at a spa. She wanted to know what I was using on my face that made me look so good!! I will be 50 in August and feel like I’m 30 again!!! Thanks so much for Revive!!”

Bonnie C., IN

“I’ve had a good experience with Revive. I use it for dark spots on my face and it has removed 50% of them. Now my wife wants to use it too.”

Edvard P., Ljubljana, Slovenia

“I used Revive on my face morning and evening for 3 weeks and the wrinkles have almost disappeared. I am 55 and this is pretty amazing. My skin looks younger and radiant. I tried a lot: This is a break through indeed!”

Annelise M., Copenhagen, Denmark

“I have used one jar of Revive and I ordered 3 more. I find that this product has helped with fine lines and has helped reduce redness in my facial skin. It also helps exfoliate so my skin appears smoother. I use it on my face and neck daily and sometimes on my face and arms.

I love this product. My skin looks clearer and less wrinkled that before I started using it.”

Sandra A., Long Beach, CA

*Results may vary by individual



“I’m an avid golfer and am outside walking in the sun for 4 or more hours approximately 5 days a week. So for me to find a supplement that would allow me that much time in the sun without burning seemed like a dream come true. To my surprise and joy the first week I did not burn and have not burned since. My skin is pretty healthy to begin with but with daily use of Radiance it has improved significantly. I sport a great tan with minimal aging signs and my skin is soft and smooth.”

Vicky J., AZ

*Results may vary by individual



Finally, I’ve been in one place long enough to try Infuse!! (Just finished 10-city TV tour!)

It’s AMAZING!! My hair looks TWICE as thick as usual and that’s saying a lot because I already have lots of hair.

Not only that, but my hair is shiny and looks like a teenager’s!

What I like most about it is: a lot of products that add “body” make my hair wavy or frizzy, especially with this Florida humidity.

Infuse does the opposite!! It somehow magically makes my hair thicker, yet straighter the way I like it – at the same time.

Products I’ve used before to make my hair straighter always made it flatter and thinner-looking, too, so it was sort of a catch-22.

With Infuse, I can have it both ways!! 🙂

Jackie Silver, author of Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young

*Results may vary by individual



“I use the CoQ-Tone followed by Revive and have noticed a big improvement in the way my face feels. I have only been using them a short time but do see an improvement in both texture and clarity and my skin certainly feels much smoother. The lines at the corners of my mouth also seem to be less noticeable. I am almost 70 years old and have lived in Key West most of my life so have had plenty of sun exposure, yet my skin has aged remarkably well, in part due to genetics but also due to the nutritional supplements I take and the fact I try not to use harmful cosmetics on my face. Your products are top notch & much appreciated.”

Ann, Key West, FL

“I’ve been using your COQ-tone for 2 weeks now and have seen an improved appearance in my skin. My skin feels much softer, complexion is not as blotchy and my lines around my eyes are less noticeable. My neck area is much tighter than before using this product. I’m very pleased and impressed with this.”

T.J, Elko

“I have been using CoQ-Tone for a few weeks, mornings after washing my face, and have already noticed reduction in fine lines–actual improvement.  My skin is very smooth, and soft. I will keep using it!”

J.H, Minneapolis

“I started using CoQ-Tone, and Splash last week (once a day in the morning) and already I’m noticing a big difference.  I love the smell of the products, and my skin is softer but smoother and firmer, and it also feels and looks younger.”

D.L, Australia

“After using the CoQ-Tone for a few days, I noticed that my skin seems more vibrant and toned.  Friends commented on how good my skin looked.”

L.P, Illinois

*Results may vary by individual