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Archive | January, 2011

Piercing a 500-Year Veil

I steered my little Nissan rental car higher… deeper into Jamaica’s John Crow Mountains. S-curves and switchbacks emerged suddenly out of the sheets of blinding rain. As the storm finally began to clear, I spotted a cluster of tin-roofed houses and tiny shops. I had reached my destination: the home of Jamaica’s last living Maroon […]

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Is Your Skin Starving?

Here’s something you won’t hear from your dermatologist. If you want the best-looking skin possible, you need to make sure you get enough of one overlooked nutrient. It’s the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Unfortunately for us, we can’t make GLA in our bodies. We have to get it from outside sources. And it’s […]

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Younger – Looking Skin in One Easy Step

In our culture, youth is prized. And for women, having great-looking skin means one thing. It looks young. But if you’re like many of my patients, it’s tough to find a skincare product to help you appear like you turned back the clock. You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the latest […]

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Top Anti-Aging Tips

Thick, curly hair is hard to manage – but it can be done. I like to use Hair Milk by Carol’s Daughter. This gentle conditioner contains biotin (the hair vitamin), which promotes healthy hair, and vitamin E, which can protect hair from environmental damage.

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Anti-Aging Expert Can’t Get Enough of This

Technology can be a very good thing … sometimes it’s like magic. I’ve been working on an advancement that for the first time can change the age of your skin. It’s so fundamental in controlling the way that you age, it’s going to be a big part of my new year’s resolution to make 100 […]

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3 Steps for Glowing Winter Skin

You know it’s wintertime … Your lips are chapped and cracked … your skin is dry and itchy … and your face is wind-burned and flaky… You apply lip balm, salve and moisturizing lotion that may work for a little while. But before you know it, the irritation returns and you’re back to feeling uncomfortable […]

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