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Put Your Best Face Forward This Holiday

During the holidays, you want your skin to sparkle and glow. But if you’re like many of the women I see in my practice, this time of year is anything but “holly and jolly!”

You’re busy doing all of those holiday preparations – on top of all of your regular tasks.

Then, there are the annual end-of-the-year parties. Of course you want to look your best, but all this hustle and bustle can leave you looking tired, drawn, and worn out.

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Microneedling with PRP helps your skin sparkle..

Facial treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion can be invasive and painful. And you need time to recover… time you don’t have.

And Botox can cause bruising, headaches, redness, nausea, and flu-like symptoms. Who wants that – especially at this time of year?

I have a solution that will leave your skin smooth and glowing throughout the holiday season and beyond. I’m talking about a combination of platelet rich plasma and microneedling.

Microneedling is a procedure that uses very fine vibrating needles to prick the surface of the skin. Each puncture creates a microscopic wound.

But don’t worry. No one can see the damage!

As these invisible wounds heal, they create new collagen and elastin. This leads to smoother, firmer, more toned skin.

You already know that collagen and elastin support your skin’s underlying foundation. They keep your skin stable, strong, firm, and resilient.

Microneedling is amazing. But I combine it with platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

PRP uses your own blood to regenerate skin and revitalize collagen.

I run a tiny bit of your blood through a centrifuge. It leaves behind plasma with a high concentration of platelets – the cells that help blood clot.

And that’s when the magic happens.

Platelets attract stem cells to the areas “damaged” by the microneedling. Once they get there, the stem cells multiply rapidly to grow new, healthy tissue.1

Platelets also contain hundreds of growth factors. These proteins are critical in the key stages of wound healing. They regenerate injured tissues.

PRP has many more platelets than regular blood does. It can be 5 to 10 times richer in platelets than whole blood.2 And the additional growth factors from all those platelets help heal wounds at least two to three times faster than normal.3

That makes PRP a powerhouse for reviving old, tired skin.

Microneedling with PRP improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It reduces the look of scars and stretch marks. Studies show it can brighten your skin tone and firm up your skin for a more youthful look.

In one study of 10 volunteers, doctors saw a significant improvement in skin firmness and less sagging. The volunteers also saw a big improvement in their general appearance and less wrinkling.4

In another study, a single PRP injection improved the appearance of dark under-eye circles even three months after treatment.5

Other studies show PRP rejuvenates photo-aged or sun-damaged skin. PRP injections led to less wrinkling and better skin regeneration.6

PRP also doesn’t leave behind bruising, swelling, or bleeding the way chemical peels and microdermabrasion can. For a day or two, you may have mild swelling or redness, but it fades quickly.

It’s the perfect way to refresh your skin this holiday.

And the best part is that you continue to see improvement as time goes on.

If you are interested in using this therapy to look your most refreshed this season, call my staff at 561-784-7852.

Roll Your Way To Smooth, Party-Ready Skin At Home

You can try microneedling alone at home with a dermaroller made of titanium with 0.5 mm needles. Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Disinfect your roller. Soak it in 70% rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes
  2. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.
  3. Apply a numbing cream, if needed. Make sure to wipe it off before rolling.
  4. Start rolling on one part of your face at a time. Roll in one direction 5 times, lifting the roller after each pass. Only roll in one direction and roll vertically.
  5. Go back again. But this time, roll horizontally over the area.
  6. Apply moisturizer immediately after.

Stay out of the sun for 24 hours. And don’t dermaroll more than every two weeks.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

 Al Sears, MD, CNS


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