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Archive | July, 2011

Red Wine For Your Skin?

Researchers recently discovered a surprising new benefit of red wine. It contains a powerful ingredient that can help make your skin appear younger. I’m talking about resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in red wine. If you take a second to check out the top ingredients in the majority of popular beauty products on the shelves […]

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Four Things Women Need

Most of the “advice” I see on Dr. Oz and Oprah, in Women’s Health and in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday seem to center on the same things. These reports I’ve been seeing lately give women advice like suggesting you eat fake, processed “health” foods like flaxseed. But they’re unnatural to your body. […]

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Nature’s Defense Against a Toxic Environment

“I can’t live without it,” my friend Maggie was telling her friend Anna. “I’m outside riding horses every day – that’s my life. Without it I’d look like a 98-year-old hag. People are amazed when they find out it’s snail goo…” I wasn’t paying attention until I heard that last part. The three of us […]

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The French Secret for Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be complicated. Keeping your skin looking young is actually much easier than you may think. It all starts with one simple principle: Your inner health reflects the outer health of your skin. It really makes perfect sense when you think about it. Instead of spending hours slathering the latest anti-aging […]

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Stop This Health Food From Making You Sick

What would you call a health food loaded with toxins … that makes digesting protein harder … that blocks the absorption of minerals … and throws your hormones out of balance? And what would you call it if nearly every health benefit claimed for that food was either unproven or disproven? I’d call it “soy.” […]

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Tips to Sleep Like a Baby and Start Aging Backwards

People are always asking me for my “top tips” for fresher, younger skin. Well, I’d have to put sleep in my top three. Many years ago – more than a quarter century ago, actually – I had a job that required me to stay up all night. I was a rock-and-roll disc jockey from midnight […]

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Wake Up Tired, Aging Skin

Most women come to see me about their health. But a lot of them ask about the health of their skin, too. And their top concern seems to be aging skin. “I use a good cleanser,” they say. “I moisturize and tone. But is there something else I should be doing to keep my skin […]

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