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Archive | February, 2012

Miracle Fruit Is Berry, Berry Good

It’s a miracle! Actually, it’s a miracle fruit or, as it’s sometimes called, a miraculous berry. Dr. Sears’ trip to Africa reminded me of this beautiful little berry that is native to western parts of Africa. What’s so miraculous about it? This little berry contains a special molecule called miraculin that binds to your taste […]

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Sexy Secret for Your Skin

Did you know that red wine contains a powerful ingredient that can help make your skin appear younger? You may have heard of this ingredient. We’ve known for years that it supports your heart and may help you live longer. And now ongoing research shows that this anti-aging nutrient, resveratrol, may also help you maintain […]

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Follow Along With Me In Africa

I’m still in Africa, but from what my staff tells me, you really liked hearing about my gorilla trek in the letter Jackie Silver forwarded you last week. So I wanted to send you the next piece I wrote about my adventures in Africa.

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FW: My Hike Turned Into a Gorilla Chase

It almost made me cry first thing in the morning… I opened my daily Doctor’s House Call advisory from Dr. Sears and started reading about his latest adventure in Africa. He went on a gorilla trek and had such a profound face-to-face experience that tears were welling up in my eyes.

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She Blurted Out, “Dr. Sears, I’m Miserable!”

A.G. walked into my office one afternoon and nearly broke down into tears. “I’m entering menopause and I’m miserable,” she blurted out. Truth is, she was beyond miserable. She was desperate. She had gained 20 pounds and lost all her sex drive. She feared her husband was going to leave her. She had already seen […]

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The Ancient Art of Beautiful Brows

I’m glad to see “bold eyebrows” are back in style. I’ve never enjoyed plucking… or having burning hot wax poured onto my face. But even with fuller brows, many women still want some shaping or grooming every now and then.

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Is Gray Hair a Pigment of Your Imagination?

When it comes to gray hair, women get the “shaft.” Over the years it’s always been perfectly acceptable for men to let their hair go gray. In fact, men with salt-and-pepper hair are called “distinguished.” Women, on the other hand, are more often referred to as “older” or “matronly.”

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