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The Purest Way to Wash Your Face

April 25, 2012 by  
Filed under Skincare

Washing your face and getting that last layer of makeup off is something you do every day… but there may be a “hidden cost” to this nightly ritual.

Truth is, many of these “beauty products” are full of alcohol and chemicals that act like paint thinner.

These chemicals hide behind scientific names like “ethoxylated alcohol” and “butylated hydroxtoluene.” They’re hard to pronounce and even harder to figure out why they should be there at all.

Because what they can do is cause redness, burning and dry spots – the same effect you get with corrosive solvents like paint thinner.

They Fooled Us All

April 25, 2012 by  
Filed under Nutrition

Macaroni and cheese. Noodles and sauce. A big plate of pasta. These foods falsely satisfy our natural cravings but are low-nutrient impostors.

They fool us so well you’ll even hear them called “comfort food” because they feel good to eat. They’re created to have the taste and smell of things in the natural world that are actually good for you, and that’s why you crave them.

But the only ones who really feel good when you eat heaps of pasta are the world’s biggest, most powerful agriculture companies. They make billions creating and selling you cheap grains that have caused chronic diseases to become the biggest killers in the world.

Simple Ways to Be Eco Fabulous

April 20, 2012 by  
Filed under Beauty

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to reduce your footprint on the environment. But it’s not always easy… especially when it comes to keeping you looking great.

That’s why this year – to celebrate Earth Day – I put together some “green” Aging Backwards tips so you can be eco-fabulous and still look your best.

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