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Archive | June, 2012

Aging Backwards While Moving Forward

With summer comes vacations and many people are taking to the roads rather than traveling by air. Nothing says “road trip” like a pain in the rear! All that sitting and sitting and sitting can turn even the most fun adventure into a mundane chore. If you’re planning to be on the road, make the […]

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Anti-Aging Doctor Reveals Secret to Ageless Skin

I’m going to show you how you can slow down the aging of your skin and reverse the signs of aging – without drugs or surgery. The secret I’m about to reveal is so groundbreaking that your dermatologist would love to share it with you. He hasn’t heard about it yet. Neither has your doctor […]

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Is Your Face Cream Lazy?

I used to waste a lot of money on over-the-counter lotions, serums and creams thinking they would transform my skin. But after enough trial and error, I realized they weren’t doing much of anything. Now I know why… You see, your skin normally holds 10 to 20 percent water. But as you age, that number […]

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Add This, Not That

Clever accessorizing is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe and make you look younger. One of the wardrobe tricks I use is to skip the fads and add on subtle accessories that can make any outfit look fresh and more youthful. There’s a big difference between dressing too young for your age and […]

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Sexy Silky Smooth Skin in 28 Days

What if there was a way to stop wrinkles before they even appear? And what if you could smooth out any wrinkles you already have by fighting them deep beneath your skin where they start? A new breakthrough from a red grape extract does both. It penetrates down to the level where wrinkles start. And […]

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How You Can Get the Lead Out

“I didn’t know SAM-e was so inexpensive!” K.B. is always cheerful, but she sounded even more happy than usual. I like when my employees are excited about our products. But they usually tell me how well Accel works, or rave about the new Pure Radiance mineral makeup. SAM-e doesn’t come up much. “I just went […]

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Aging Vegetable Compound Protects Your Skin

If you love staying out in the sunshine but worry when that tan turns into a burn, there’s a groundbreaking study you should know about. It blows another hole in the modern medical myth that sunshine’s bad for you – and that sunscreens full of toxic chemicals are your best and only defense. There’s no […]

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