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Archive | April, 2013

3 Steps to a Pure Spring Body

In today’s world, your body is constantly exposed to toxins and pollutants, and chemicals that mimic your hormones. They can leave you feeling bloated, tired and achy. Combine these everyday exposures with the allergens and mold spores in the spring air, and you may notice your symptoms ramping up. This can affect how your organs […]

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Beauty Experts Discover Secret Tip for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Experts in the beauty business have discovered a new, secret little tip for cleaning makeup brushes, beauty tools and even for whitening finger nails. Generic store brand effervescent denture cleanser tablets are a quick, easy and inexpensive no-scrub/low-scrub way to remove build up and gunk from many beauty products. The American Dental Association website says […]

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Mega-Menopause: How To Beat This Invisible Enemy

There’s an “invisible enemy” haunting women… It’s flowing through your blood right now as you read this letter… and it’s commanding every cell in your body to act in ways that make you feel like you’re losing your sanity. You see, the vast amount of chemicals, compounds and toxins at the center of our high-tech […]

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Spring into Action

Reshape Your Attitude – Springtime has a way of raising your spirits, especially if you tend to suffer from the winter blues. Make the most of this uplifting time and write out a list of all the things for which you feel grateful.

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