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Archive | August, 2013

My Tropical Island Tea

All around me was the greenest green I’d ever imagined, spilling over with flowers and vines and herbs in every direction. Bali is the lushest place I’ve ever been, with plants on top of plants, and flowers and herbs everywhere. It was a perfect day outside – sunny and not too hot. My guide and […]

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What’s Really in Your Nail Polish

Painting your nails is a great way to express your style and feel feminine. But there’s something you should know before you get your next manicure or pedicure. Manufacturers add ingredients to nail polish to make them shiny, dry quickly and add flexibility. That may sound like a good thing, but these ingredients also come […]

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My Shortcut For Bright, Healthy Skin

Have you ever noticed that when you return from a vacation by the ocean or a day at the beach your skin has a bright, healthy look to it? Well it’s not just that new tan… Salt water is very healthy for your skin. Because salt is a natural exfoliator.

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The Mysterious Healing Fruit

They seem like the most normal fruit. You can get them year round, they’re cheap, and they’re always the same. So you buy a few, cut them up, sprinkle the juice on fish or use it in a salad dressing. Lemons are no big deal, right? Well, not so fast. Turns out, lemons have a […]

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