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Archive | October, 2013

This Is Not Aloe Vera, But…

Shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba, chamomile… at one point, all of these seemed like exotic miracles to keep your skin soft and smooth.. Now everyone knows what they are, so there’s no mystery anymore. Especially aloe vera. You’ve seen it in all kinds of products for years. But today I want to talk to you […]

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Top Anti-Aging Foods for Beautiful Skin

Today, I’ll share three of my favorite anti-aging foods with you that are also great for your skin. Adding these foods to your diet is a helpful first step to getting the anti-aging nutrients you need to look good, feel good and keep moving into your 80s, 90s and beyond.

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Skin secret from the sea

Just one day dashing around Cuzco, and I’m breathing a little hard. Peru’s “second city” is more than 11,000 feet up, and the oxygen is thin. My guide and I have visited countless outdoor markets and artisan stalls, seeking traditional herbs. By mid-afternoon, I think we’ve been to every little stand and cart in the […]

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Rebuild your aging bones

Boniva, Fosamax, Actonel, and those other drugs for thinning bones have become really big business for big pharma. Now it appears that whole system has provided more profit for the drug companies than benefit for the patients. A German research team recently dug a little deeper with a disturbing discovery. The first thing researchers saw […]

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3 Things You Need as a Woman

Most of the “advice” I see on Dr. Oz, in Women’s Health and in the New York Times Magazine on Sundays seem to center on the same things. The reports I’ve been seeing lately advise women to eat fake, processed “health” foods like flaxseed. But they’re unnatural to your body. People used to wear flax, […]

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