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Archive | January, 2014

Wake Up Tired, Aging Skin

Most women come to see me about their health. But a lot of them ask about the health of their skin, too. And their top concern seems to be aging skin. “I use a good cleanser,” they say. “I moisturize and tone. But is there something else I should be doing to keep my skin […]

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More Than A Vitamin

Even more than Florida, the one constant in Africa is the sun. And I just read about another important benefit we get from sunshine. I’ve showed you how vitamin D is more than a vitamin – that it also works as a hormone. Now we know that it’s even more than a hormone. A new […]

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Test Your Anti-Aging IQ

Although you’re getting older, you don’t have to accept all the negative effects of aging. Anti-aging is rightfully a hot topic among the health-conscious. But there has been a lot of bad information. Most people know very little about what really happens as you age that you can change. Today we’re going to test your […]

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Long Lush Lashes Without Drugs

A few years ago, Big Pharma claimed it accidentally discovered a “cure” for thinning eyelashes. Allergan was marketing its Lumigan medication for patients with glaucoma. Then eye doctors and their patients noticed an interesting side effect – longer, lusher eyelashes. In no time, Allergan started marketing the drug as “Latisse,” the first and only FDA-approved […]

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Powerful Skin-Restoring Nutrient From Ancient Root

Have you ever heard the term senescence? It’s a synonym for aging. Senescence describes the state of our cells once they’ve reached the end of their life. Why is this important to you? Because it means your skin no longer produces enough new, healthy cells and begins to sag, wrinkle and look older. The beautiful […]

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Is This the World’s Healthiest Fat?

Not too long ago, I wrote an article about coconut oil. I’d been inspired by all the coconuts floating in the “lake” Hurricane Isaac had created after dumping two feet of rain around my house here in South Florida. A surprising number of people wrote to ask why I’d talk about the benefits of an […]

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Ancient Secret for Most Beautiful Skin

Women of the Khoikhoi tribe have the most beautiful skin in the world. Young women have flawless complexions, and the elders have few lines or wrinkles. The Khoikhoi live in a mountain range just north of Cape Town, South Africa. They live in very primitive conditions compared to the life you’re used to. So, imagine […]

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