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Archive | October, 2014

How To Make Any Food A Superfood

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors kept their food from spoiling? After all, not so long ago there was no refrigeration. There was no pasteurization. But there was fermentation. Most traditional cultures used fermentation. It’s how they preserved food and made it safe for eating. Grape juice was fermented into wine more than 8,000 […]

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Is Extra Fat Making You Older?

Did you know that your telomeres are extremely sensitive to the amount of fat you have? I just read about this and wanted to share it with you right away. I had a lot of time during my flights on the way to Africa to catch up on new research, and here’s what I found. […]

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Remarkable skin rejuvenation

I saw the disbelief on my staff’s faces. Every expression around the conference table seemed to ask, “Is this for real?” “I’m not kidding,” I told them. “This is real skincare, the way it should be.” I had handed out copies of a new study where the women all had age-related skin problems. Yet a […]

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Fun in the Winter Sun

    Summer has ended, and that means a little less fun in the sun for most of us. But it also means you should plan to get out in the sunshine when you can over the winter months. For starters, the sun just makes you feel good – if you haven’t become afraid of […]

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The Top 7 Foods for Younger Skin

Recently I talked to you about sugar and processed carbohydrates. They can add years to your appearance. Today I want to talk about the flip side. Just as some food makes you look older, other food heals the damage. It’s something I’ve been telling my patients since the day I started practicing medicine. But the […]

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Secret anti-aging agent

If you’re anything like me, you know melatonin as something that can help you sleep better. And, like I was, you may be surprised to learn that melatonin could be one of the best little-known secrets of anti-aging. But it’s not about beauty sleep. So what exactly is melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone that is […]

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Drugs and Anti-Aging

Sometimes patients come to me with what they call “symptoms of old age.” But often they’re not symptoms at all. They’re side effects. Here’s what I mean: Prescription drugs cause side effects that look a lot like “aging.” Research shows some drugs cause major cellular damage. They attack the mitochondria, the tiny energy generators in […]

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