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Archive | November, 2014

Are These Demons In Your Beauty Products?

Recently I told you about some demons lurking in your beauty products. I’ve talked about formaldehyde in hair products and lead in lipstick. Today I want to shine a light on parabens. Big Beauty hides these chemicals in almost all of the personal care products you use every day. They’re in cosmetics, toothpaste, nail polish, […]

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Soda’s Secret Cell Sabotage

Drink just 12 ounces of soda a day and it will shorten your telomeres. 20 ounces a day is even worse … it shortens your telomeres as fast as smoking. Those who drink 20 ounces a day – the “normal” size bottle you can get at any convenience store – have cells that aged 4.6 […]

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I’m Still Climbing At 58

Some of my patients don’t quite believe me when I tell them my age. I play tennis, swim, do sprints, climb mountains … and I have plenty of energy to fly around the world speaking and doing research. They look at me and say, “Yeah… but you have good genes.” In a way, they’re right. […]

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Bali’s Holy Flower Heals Telomeres

I wish you could see it this morning … my yard is a riot of hibiscus colors. When I smell the flowers it brings me right back to Bali. Hibiscus is a holy flower there, and traditional healers use it often for its wide-ranging healing power. There’s more about it in my book, Healing Herbs of […]

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Hydration, Healthy Skin And The Urge To “Go”

My new patient M.K. came to me feeling like her skin was dull and gray, and dry. She told me no other doctor could help her. So when she came to me, she was a little frustrated. As I spoke more with her she mentioned in passing that her bladder had begun “acting up.” That’s […]

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The Anti-Aging Skin Hormone

When your estrogen levels are out of whack, you know it. You can have low energy, mood swings, hot flashes, and gain belly fat. And your libido? That can turn into a faint memory. Before any of that happens, however, your body has an early warning system. It’s your skin. Estrogen can make the difference […]

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