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Archive | December, 2014

Are Your Telomeres In Trouble?

Living in the 21st century affords you many luxuries. High-speed computers… cell phones… air conditioning and LCD TVs. But the chemicals and industrial solvents that make them possible are poisonous. We’re now floating in a sea of space-age, lab-created, synthetic molecules. And they’re flowing through your blood as you read this letter. They’re a part […]

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Rescue Your Brain

Unless you’re pregnant, most doctors don’t worry about how much folate you get. But they should… It’s one of the vitamins (also known as B9) doctors tell you to take because it prevents birth defects involving the child’s brain and spinal cord. Taking extra folate during the first few weeks of pregnancy prevents most cases. […]

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New Benefit From Oldest Nutrition

I have an important new way of thinking about nutrients that I want to tell you about. If you’re a member of my Confidential Cures newsletter you already know a bit about my Nutrition Pyramid. Today for you in Ageless Beauty Secrets I want to tell you why this is important for anti-aging. There are […]

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You Weren’t Designed To Live Here

Calcium is everywhere these days. It’s hard to get away from it even if you try. They put it in bread, milk, orange juice, pasta, yogurt, toothpaste, chewing gum, snack crackers and granola bars… it’s even in your water, depending on where you live. That’s a lot of calcium. Even with all that calcium, modern […]

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The Truth About Estrogen And A Woman’s Body

Our modern world is saturated with excess estrogens. When your body has too much estrogen, you feel it. You can have any have low energy, mood swings, hot flashes, and belly fat. Your libido fades, you can’t sleep, and you become depressed. Your skin dries out and wrinkles. Even worse, you can have symptoms of […]

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Puffy Eyes and Baggy Eyes: What’s the Difference?

I thought I’d heard it all. Then one of my patients told me she’s been smearing Preparation H under her eyes. She was desperate to get rid of the under-eye bags and puffiness. She looked like she hadn’t slept in a week. And that sagging, bloated skin added years to her face. But using hemorrhoid […]

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Younger Skin From Your Dinner Plate?

I travel over 20,000 miles a year uncovering exotic healing herbs from all around the world. But there are also some incredible healing herbs right here at home. They’re loaded with plant chemicals called flavonoids that can have important anti-aging benefits. You see, your body pulls off a neat trick when it comes to eating […]

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Is Your Moisturizer Drying Your Skin?

When I was trekking through the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, I hardly recognized my own skin. It was as supple and plump as a child’s. No hint of rough skin. You see, it’s just about impossible to become dehydrated in a rainforest. Unfortunately, we can’t all live in the rainforest. We live in much drier […]

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New Recipe For “New” Skin

There sure is a lot of buzz about some of the trendy new cosmetic products on the market. It seems like every woman who comes to my wellness center asks me about one of them or the other … lip plumping, eyelash lengthening, the newest surgeries… the list goes on. But you don’t need these […]

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Sacred Skin Saving Gift

In just a couple of months I’ll be headed back to Africa. I’m lucky that we have a nice little house we turn into our base, in Kampala Uganda. But I don’t spend too much time there… the real work I do is out in the jungles and on the plains, looking for lost healing […]

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