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Archive | March, 2015

Join The “Biologically Younger” Trend

Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. The youngest ones are turning 50, and many are now almost 70 years old. Even the celebrities we used to think of as “forever young” are almost 70. But these folks aren’t aging the same way their parents did. Today’s 70-year-old is more active and would never settle […]

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The Soft Drink That Steals Your Years

Here at my Wellness Center, I help my patients slow down the aging process every day. It doesn’t require drugs. And it couldn’t be simpler. In fact, you can do the same thing at home, starting right now. All you have to do is take control of the aging mechanisms in your cells. And that […]

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Take This Powerful Anti-Aging Secret

You may have noticed that the mainstream medical establishment and I sometimes disagree on some of the biggest issues regarding your health. Well, more than sometimes – we disagree often! For example, the conventional “wisdom” of the medical establishment holds that cardio and aerobics programs are what you need for optimal health. But for years, […]

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Enhance Your Skin And Take Out The Trash

You already know that your body sweats to cool you down. But perspiring is also your body’s natural way to get rid of waste and pollutants. The best part is, it rejuvenates your skin. Today you’ll learn about this safe and enjoyable method of detox. I’ll tell you from experience how you can benefit from […]

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Super Secret Defends You from Stress-Induced Aging

Stress can hurt you. Mental stress makes you worry and lose sleep. While physical stress can take a toll on your body… And when your body ages, your skin no longer produces enough new, healthy cells and begins to sag, wrinkle and look older. But it wasn’t until the discovery of telomeres that we could […]

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Feel Good Treat Better Than Green Tea?

If you like to eat chocolate, I have some good news for you. You don’t have to feel guilty. You already know chocolate lowers blood pressure and increases circulation. But did you know that the cocoa in chocolate protects your brain from stroke? Chocolate can slash your risk of ever having a stroke, and cut […]

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Lose Weight To Slow Aging

Here at my Wellness Center, I see a lot of new patients who want to lose weight. They’d like to look better and have more energy. Those are both good reasons to slim. Sometimes, their old doctor urges them to lose weight as a way to lower their cholesterol. Now that’s NOT a good reason. […]

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Nutrients For A More Youthful Look

Mainstream dermatologists have made us afraid to go out in the sun. And the $6 billion dollar sunscreen industry reaps the profits from their fear campaign. But the truth is that the sun is the source of life and health. Our Primal ancestors depended on the sun to thrive. So it begs the questions: Has […]

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Reverse 9 Years of Aging While You Sleep?

A sleepless night can add years to your face. Your mirror gives away just how bad your night was. You see dark circles, hollow eyes, and sunken cheeks. Your skin sags. Yesterday’s fine lines are today’s deep wrinkles. For many years science has been trying to explain why “beauty rest” is so important. But the […]

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Nature’s Most Perfect Hydration System

Tennis and cycling are two of my favorite sports. Here in South Florida, I can enjoy both year-round. But in the summer heat and humidity – which can last for five or six months here – it’s vital to stay hydrated. Sweat is your body’s way to keep cool when you’re active. As the water […]

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