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Archive | June, 2015

4 Easy Ways To Beat Aging

I’ve been hearing it nearly all of my life: Save your money for your “old age.” I’m sure that well-meaning friends and relatives have been telling you the same thing for years, too. But more than 2,100 years ago, the Roman philosopher Virgil hit the nail on the head when he said: “The greatest wealth […]

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Sunscreen In A Pill…

Getting sunshine every day protects you against major diseases. That includes osteoporosis, heart disease and even cancer. But too much sun can also damage your skin and speed up aging. Mainstream skin doctors have only one solution. They tell you to slather your skin with commercial sunscreens. As usual, mainstream medicine has it wrong – […]

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Four Things Women Need

Most of the “advice” I see on Dr. Oz and Oprah, in Women’s Health and in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday seem to center on the same things. These reports I’ve been seeing lately give women advice like suggesting you eat fake, processed “health” foods like flaxseed. But they’re unnatural to your body. […]

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Telomeres Are A Girl’s Best Friend

It’s truly an exciting time to be alive. We have the technology to control how we age.  We even have choices on how and what we want to “anti-age.”  There are therapies for just about everything. But what really works?  What isn’t going to break the bank?  What can you do at home for a […]

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Wrinkles Be Damned …

Do you believe in the Fountain of Youth? I do. But not in the way you think. For me, the Fountain of Youth isn’t a magical spring that brings youth back to those who drink or bathe in its waters. Instead, it’s an internal source of youthfulness and vitality that can be developed and tapped […]

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The Anti-Aging Secret Of Sunshine

Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon and his band of conquistadors is said to have marched all over sunny, subtropical Florida nearly 500 years ago in search of the Fountain of Youth. Ironically, he may even have marched right past the spot where my anti-aging clinic now stands. Of course, Ponce de Leon knew absolutely nothing […]

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New “Vampire” Therapy Turns Back The Years

I’ve seen a lot of cosmetic therapies come and go over the years. Some work well enough.  But others cause more damage than benefits. You just have to look at some aging Hollywood actresses to see the pitfalls of too much plastic surgery. But right now, I’m working on a cosmetic anti-aging therapy like nothing […]

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What You Need To Know About Beauty Energy

The holidays are always fun for me. But for many of my patients, they can be downright exhausting. Running around, stress, and worry can wear you out. It can even be tiring having a lot of fun. We feel the most run down during the busiest times. But our bodies are still humming along even […]

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Natural Alternative Beats Arthritis Pain

I love a challenge. And that’s probably why at an age when most men think a workout means riding their golf cart from tee to tee, I hiked up Mount Kilimanjaro. I’ll never forget that view – or the exhilaration I felt up there. It felt like I could see all of Africa laid out […]

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Antioxidant For Younger-Looking Skin

Staying active is a cornerstone of any anti-aging plan. That’s why I rarely let a day go by without a high-intensity workout. Biking is one of my favorite activities, and here in Florida, I can ride my bike all year. But outdoor activity is a double-edged sword. A high-intensity workout strengthens your heart and lungs, […]

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