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Archive | December, 2015

Get a Grip On Aging

If you can jump to your feet after reading this and give someone a strong and energetic handshake, I’ve got good news for you. It means you’re probably going to live a healthy life for many years to come. But if your hands are so weak that you can’t open a jelly jar… or a […]

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Your Environment Can Be Making You Look Old

You are the inspiration for Ageless Beauty Secrets. Every time I sit down to write an issue I think about you. I want to answer the questions that are on your mind. And I rely on you to let me know what you’re thinking.So when you spoke, I listened.In our recent survey, many readers told […]

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How You Can Prevent Hair Loss

Most men and women watch their hair slowly thin with age. It is one of the most apparent signals of your age to people you meet. But you may be in the first generation of men that can actually do something about it.

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Exciting Discovery Makes Aging Skin Young

We’ve figured out how to harness your body’s own potent healing powers in human growth factors (HGFs). We have known for years that your body makes HGF proteins to repair damage. And these HGFs are critical to heal wounds and regenerate injured tissues.1 But I want you to understand just how amazing this latest anti-aging […]

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Women Need More Of This Anti-Cancer Vitamin

In my practice, I see a big difference in vitamin levels between women and men… especially when it comes to vitamin B12. Many more women come to my Wellness Center with low B12 levels. In a minute, I’ll explain why that’s happening. But first, I want you to understand that low vitamin B12 can be […]

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