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Archive | March, 2016

Boost Your Body’s Stem Cell Regeneration

Your body holds the key to preventing — and even curing — almost every disease known to modern medicine. The problem is that despite scientific advances, it will be decades before mainstream medicine knows how to use it. I’m talking about triggering the power of your body’s own stem cells. Most mainstream doctors will tell […]

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Ways to Relieve Stress – And Help Lose Weight – Naturally

Many of my women patients overeat for one simple reason — they’re stressed. But “comfort eating” doesn’t fix the problem — and usually it makes you feel even worse later on. Over-the-counter pills, gym memberships and fad diet plans can also leave you frustrated with unsatisfactory results. You see, stress and anxiety have undesired effects […]

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Natural Mood-Boosters Of The Mayas And Aztecs

Women’s lives have never been busier. I can see it in the anxiety levels of my patients as soon as they walk into my clinic. You also suffer more emotional stress than your male counterparts and you’re twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression.1 And numerous studies prove that environmental toxins and […]

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Telemedicine: Online Doctor Consultations From Your Home

My “telemedicine” service at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine has been helping patients worldwide for almost six months now. And it has already exceeded my expectations. I began in the middle of July offering private consultations with me or my clinical team from the comfort of your own home — or elsewhere — through […]

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African Promise Of Younger-Looking Skin

I’ve made several trips to Africa in the past few years. One was for pleasure: to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Several have been to meet and work with local healers and herbalists. And some have been because of the connections I’ve made with the people there. As you may know, I co-founded the Kimbra Foundation a […]

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I Can See Clearly Now…

Most doctors these days will tell you that eating oily fish can prevent you from going blind in later years. They’re on the right track, but as usual they’ve ended up with the wrong conclusion. It is true that the omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish, like tuna, salmon and sardines, lower the risk […]

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