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Fix Your Thyroid Without Synthetic Hormones

August 25, 2016 by  
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Your thyroid is under attack — and mainstream medicine hasn’t got a clue how to fix it. You see, it’s not a coincidence that the increased onslaught of toxins in our environment has led to a surge in thyroid dysfunction. This is an especially important issue for women. Of the 27 million diagnosed cases of […]

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Diabetes

August 24, 2016 by  
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When it comes to treating type 2 diabetes, taking care of your mitochondria is just as important as keeping your blood sugar in check. In fact, dozens of chronic diseases are now linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. It doesn’t surprise me at all, because mitochondria are the power generators in every single cell in your body. […]

The Air You Breathe Is Making You Fat!

August 23, 2016 by  
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I just read a study that stunned me. It suggested that the air we breathe is making us fat. A researcher from Duke University placed two groups of rats in separate chambers. One group was exposed to Beijing’s super toxic air. That city has some of the worst air pollution in the world. The second […]

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