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Archive | October, 2016


Bali’s Botox Plant Can’t Be Beat

Every time I look out my window here in South Florida, I’m back in Bali. The vibrant pink and red hibiscus flowers growing in my garden remind me of this island paradise. You see, in Bali, hibiscus is everywhere. It grows wild along roadsides and deep in the jungles. In all these places, hibiscus has […]

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“Magic Bean” Zaps Hunger Hormones

Most people think losing weight is simply a matter of willpower, but it’s not that simple. You see, your appetite is regulated by what I call your “hunger hormones.” And nature has created one of the best ways to keep those hormones in check and help you lose weight naturally. It’s the white kidney bean. […]

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The New World Secret To Beautiful Skin

Many women come to my office with uneven skin tone. They want to get rid of age spots, old acne scars, large freckles and liver spots. And they don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on the painful treatments dermatologists offer. You see, most skin doctors try to blast off the outer […]

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Beauty Sleep In A Bottle

Sleep is one of the most powerful anti-aging skin therapies I know of. You see, your skin has its own natural rhythm. During the day, it protects you from environmental threats like chemicals, toxins, or too much sun and wind. At night your skin works to repair and renew itself. But very few of my […]

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Who Is The Weaker Sex?

When it comes to muscle strength, men are born with an advantage. Both men and women lose muscle as they age, but it can become more severe in women. Women have come to accept that there’s nothing they can do when their strength decreases as they get older. But as an anti-aging doctor, I can […]

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The New Superfruit

On one of my trips to Jamaica, I saw a beautiful cactus with bright red fruit growing on top. The natives called this spiny shrub the “tuna plant.” I’ve also heard the fruit called “Indian figs.” In the U.S. we call this plant the prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) or the nopales cactus. It is well-known throughout […]

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The New Frontier In Anti-Aging Beauty

I made a prediction about the next frontier in anti-aging beauty. I’m talking about mitochondria. The little organelles in each of your cells that are the source of energy for your whole body. So far, most research has focused on what these little battery packs mean for your heart and brain. But they are also […]

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The Beauty Side Effects OF Niacin

I’m always prescribing niacin (vitamin B3) to my patients. It’s an amazing heart health nutrient. It could even put the billion-dollar statin industry out of business, if more doctors knew how to prescribe it. Unfortunately, most doctors have no idea of the power of vitamins. But I’ve tested niacin myself in thousands of patients. Their […]

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