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Andes Mountain Oil For Better Skin

I just got back from Bogotá where I spoke at a regenerative medicine conference on the advances we’re making in anti-aging medicine.

I’ve been to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil… but this was my first time to visit the Andes mountains in Colombia.

On one of my previous trips, I discovered Sacha Inchi Oil… and put it in my very first Pure Radiance product!

The entire region is a treasure trove of exotic ingredients that native peoples have used for thousands of years for healthy bodies and healthy skin.

In fact, there’s a place in the southern Andes mountain range where men and women have flawless complexions — naturally. Their faces are unlined and free of age spots. They appear to glow from the inside out.

Despite cold, windy and wet weather that wreaks havoc on the skin. The Southern Andes, after all, is considered to be sub-Antarctic.

The secret lies in a wild rose bush called Rosa Mosqueta. Or, more accurately, the fruit of this rose.

Did you know roses can bear fruit? Most people don’t.

But they do. And it’s my favorite part of the plant.

The fruit from the rose — or rosehip — produces oil that virtually erases all signs of aging on your skin.

Miranda Kerr swears that rosehip oil is the secret to her flawless face. The supermodel — and PACE exercise program enthusiast — applies the oil every night. And wakes up the next morning to glowing skin.

Kate Middleton started using the oil during her pregnancy with Prince George. She wanted pure, natural products with no chemical compounds.

Turns out, a big part of what makes rosehip oil so special is its unique blend of essential fatty acids and bioactive compounds. Rosehip contains six blockbuster ingredients for fabulous skin:

  1. Dewy complexion: An omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid maintains the health of cell membranes. It also seals in moisture and eliminates acne without drying your skin.1
  1. Soft and supple: An omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid, helps cells to provide a natural barrier to environmental damage. It enters through your skin to enhance firmness and support the sebum, the fatty fluid your body produces to keep your skin soft and supple.2
  1. A flawless appearance: An omega-9 fatty acid (oleic acid) helps to repair tissue damage and improve dry skin.3
  1. Stop the sagging: Retinoic acid (otherwise known as vitamin A) reduces the appearance of wrinkles, strengthens skin’s thickness, erases age spots and stops the sagging caused by collagen breakdown that happens as we age. It also brightens skin tone.4
  1. Improve texture: Lycopene is a potent antioxidant that protects and repairs skin from premature aging caused by air pollution. It prevents sunspots, dryness and wrinkles from ultraviolet radiation. Smoothes roughness and improves skin texture.5
  1. Erase age spots: Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that quickens skin cell renewal to help fade age spots. It smoothes wrinkles and promotes collagen production.6

Here’s how you can implement rosehip oil into your daily skincare routine:

  • Use it instead of soap to clean your face. Soaps strip away oil and leave your face feeling tight and dry. Oil cleansing dissolves dirt without drying your skin. Massage a small amount of oil into your skin for a minute or two. Use a hot washcloth to gently wipe the oil away.
  • Use it to remove eye makeup. Place one or two drops on a cotton pad and gently swipe over eyes. It’s much gentler than traditional makeup removers.
  • Use instead of a moisturizer. Massage two to three drops onto damp skin, clean face and neck. Apply morning and evening for best results.

It’s so effective, I’ve even included it in a gentle cleanser that is part of my Pure Radiance line.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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