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Can a Flower Eliminate Age Spots?


I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell my patients at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging… The answer to more youthful skin isn’t simply about reducing wrinkles. What’s really giving away your age are the brown patches and uneven skin tone that starts to appear on your face, chest, and hands as early as […]

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Protect Your Skin’s Natural Barrier

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To protect your skin and complexion, what you use on the surface of your skin is just as important as the food you eat and the supplements you take. Topical probiotics act like a physical barrier and block harmful microbes from damaging your skin. By studying modern indigenous people who live in isolation, researchers determined that the healthiest […]

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Feast On Fats For Younger-Looking Skin

omega-3 foods

One of the first things I discuss with new skincare patients at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine are the benefits of eating a high-fat diet. I can see from the condition of their skin whether they do or not. Unfortunately, like most people in the US, many of my patients have been fed the “big fat […]

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Minimize Your Pores With This Natural Skincare Secret


There is a common complaint I hear from many of my patients going through menopause — all the hormonal highs and lows they’re experiencing make them much more aware of their pores. Unfortunately, they’re not wrong. After menopause, your pores do appear larger thanks to a loss of collagen. In fact, studies show your skin […]

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New Research Calls Sunscreen Safety Into Question

lady at the beach

Last month, an independent laboratory found cancer-causing chemicals in 78 of the sun care products they tested.1 Some of them contained up to three times what the FDA allows. Almost immediately, the sunscreen industry questioned the accuracy of the study. When that didn’t work, they blamed the manufacturing process. I’ve been telling you for years that commercial sunscreens […]

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How Triphala Can Help Your Skin AND Your Gut


Our modern food supply is made up of inflammation-causing foods like refined sugars, cheap vegetable oils, and processed carbohydrates. This toxic brew often causes your gut’s microbiome to become dangerously out of balance. This affects all of your organs – including your body’s biggest one, your skin. One way to protect your complexion is by getting […]

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Care for Your Skin with All-Natural Scrubs and Masks

Woman with Natural Face Mask

Exfoliating facial scrubs and masks have been around forever… The ancient Egyptians are believed to have invented the practice. They ground up alabaster stone and combined it with sour milk to create the first exfoliating scrub and mask. Native Americans used pulverized corn cobs, as well as sand scooped from the bottom of riverbeds. Exfoliating […]

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Flush Your Skin With Fresh Oxygen


Here’s something you’re unlikely to hear from a dermatologist… Research now proves oxygen turns back the clock on your skin. I’m talking about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT for short. Part of the reason your skin develops wrinkles, sags, lines, dark spots, and falls victim to the sun and environmental damage is the dwindling supply of oxygen […]

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How should you protect against sun damage?

morning outside

For decades, dermatologists have scolded you over sunscreen. They insist the “only way” to enjoy yourself outside is to cover yourself in sunscreen – and the higher the SPF, the better. Some even demand you wear sunscreen indoors! Americans listened – to the tune of spending $400 million on sun products every year. And as […]

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