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Sophia Loren’s Beauty Secret


When I think of a classic Hollywood beauty, I think of Marilyn Monroe. But in 1960s Europe, all eyes were on Italian bombshell Sophia Loren. Actress Sophia Loren looks as stunning today at age 84 as she did when she started her career. And at 84 years old, Sophia looks as stunning today as she […]

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Volume at Home Facial


It’s common to lose volume from your face as you age. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear — especially around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Plastic surgeons will tell you the only way to remove these signs of aging is with a surgical facelift. But that’s just not true. Jennifer A. is thrilled with […]

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Drew Barrymore Chooses Weird Ingredient Over Addictive Surgery


Actress Drew Barrymore did an interview recently with a popular beauty magazine. In it, she claimed to have a very addictive personality… And she admits that’s the No. 1 reason she won’t have cosmetic surgery. She’s afraid that if she starts, she won’t want to stop! Luckily, Drew discovered a rare skincare ingredient that makes […]

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Breakthrough Wrinkles REVERSED by Restoring This…


Unless you pore over scientific journals like I do, you may have missed some exciting news. You see, a recent breakthrough study has proven you can reverse wrinkles and restore skin to a healthy, youthful appearance in only weeks… In this study, published in Cell Death and Disease, researchers activated a mutation in mice that […]

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How to have beautiful skin


Nature’s most powerful age-fighting fat Just like your body needs fat to be healthy, so does your skin. A low-fat diet robs your skin of moisture. And dry skin adds years to your face! The right kinds of fat in your diet are the good omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts and fatty fish like […]

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Is Your Sunblock Increasing Sun Damage?


The multi-billion-dollar skin-care industry, with the help of the mainstream medical establishment and the media, has everyone convinced that the sun is the enemy when it comes to skin health. So they tell you to slather on sunblock to keep your skin “healthy.” And while sunscreens are very good at blocking UVA rays, that’s a […]

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How To Naturally Perk Up Your Complexion?


Sometimes your skin just needs a little wake-up jolt. Caffeine is a great way to perk up your complexion. In the same way that a cup of coffee gets you going in the morning, a topical application of caffeine can perk up your skin and stimulate circulation. I’ve recommended it to my patients for years. […]

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How To Feed Your Face: Bamboo for Skincare

Bamboo, Natural Supplements, Dr. Sears, My Pure Radiance, All Natural Beauty

If you’re caught in the beauty industry’s wheel of cosmetics, you’ll want to hear this. They’ll tear you down just so they can sell you more of their products. Bamboo plants contain a mineral called silica that boosts collagen production in your skin. But the truth is timeless beauty isn’t about what you put on […]

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Age-Reversing Enzyme – Better Than Botox

Age-Reversing, Stem Cells, Natural Supplements, Dr. Sears, My Pure Radiance, All Natural Beauty

I’ve found the next big age-reversing breakthrough that can help you regain the smooth, glowing skin you had in your youth. You won’t read about it in any beauty magazine or hear about it from a plastic surgeon. It doesn’t involve expensive — and possibly toxic — injections like Botox or painful chemical peels. And […]

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