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I have exciting news to share with you. It’s about an important anti-aging technology breakthrough.

This discovery harnesses your body’s own powerful healing factors to repair and regenerate your skin. It can take years off your appearance.

And there’s no surgery… no injections… no peeling… no painful chemical burning. It’s like nothing we’ve seen before.

Your dermatologist has never heard of this therapy. And mainstream medicine won’t catch on for decades.

Today, I wanted to give you a sneak peek.

This new process uses natural compounds in the human body to stimulate the growth of new collagen. It restores youthful elasticity. It smoothes skin, and erases fine lines and wrinkles. It reduces sagging around the eyes, cheeks and mouth. And at the same time, it lightens age spots and protects against sun damage.

This discovery uses your body’s own “growth factor” proteins to repair damage. We’ve known for a while these growth factors are critical for healing wounds and regenerating injured tissues.1

The Secret to Making Skin Young Again

Now new research shows these medical-miracle growth factors are also the secret to making aging skin young again.

But these growth factors are tricky to isolate. To get them, we have to start with the body’s own stem cells.

You already know that stem cells are your body’s master cells. All other human cells are made from them. Stem cells are also the ultimate natural cure, and can help your body heal itself. Whenever you have damaged skin, stem cells travel to the injured site. They act as first responders. They tell the local cells and tissues what to do to heal.

Growth factors are biochemical messengers from these stem cells. They carry the message to make more cells so that tissues can regenerate with new growth. Until recently, the only way to get growth factors was through stem cells taken from bone marrow – which can be difficult.

Fortunately, researchers have discovered another abundant source of human stem cells that contain these same growth factors.

I’m talking about adipose or fat deposits. The fat in your body is a storage facility for stem cells that also produce these same growth factors. In fact, we can get about 40 times more stem cells from fat than bone marrow.2 These cells are called “adipose-derived stem cells,” or ADSCs.

Studies show that ADSCs stimulate collagen synthesis.3 They also protect skin cells from oxidative damage and UVB radiation.4 And when ADSCs are injected into the skin, they’ve been shown to increase the thickness of the skin layers and reduce wrinkles.5

But working with these stem cells directly has posed a problem for scientists. ADSCs have been difficult to grow in a lab. And they haven’t been stable enough for use in skin-care products.

That’s where this new discovery comes in. Researchers have found a way to get the benefit of stem cells without using the cells themselves. They discovered that when ADSCs are bathed in a solution they secrete lots of the growth factors that rejuvenate skin.6

When you apply the solution containing the growth factors – without the stem cells – directly to skin it has the same effect as the stem cells themselves.

In fact, the stem cell bath has been found to be MORE effective than the stem cells for healing skin.7

One clinical study looked at 14 patients with sun damage on their faces. They were given a facial cream containing multiple types of growth factors. They applied the cream to their face twice daily. After 60 days, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes dropped 14.1%.

In addition, collagen formation increased 36% and the thickness of the epidermis expanded 30%.

In other words, by applying a cream containing these growth factors, women were able to stimulate the repair of sun damage to their skin. They formed new collagen and their skin plumped up. Their face appeared smoother with less visible wrinkling.8

Impressive Results

In another study, 12 patients with facial wrinkles applied a growth factor cream on half their face twice a day. On the other half they applied a cream without growth factors. After three months, the researchers saw a 21.7% improvement in wrinkles from the growth factors.9

Based on this breakthrough science, there’s a rejuvenating facial product using human ADSC technology. It uses an ADSC bath solution. It’s rich in the healing growth factors, but doesn’t contain the stem cells themselves.

I’m very impressed with the results I’ve seen from this new product. It stimulates your skin’s natural renewal process. It can trigger your own collagen to rebuild itself. It also helps repair and prevent sun damage that makes your skin look dry and leathery. It can even your skin tone. And it gives your skin more elasticity and fewer wrinkles.

I’m so excited about this breakthrough I had to give you the details. It promises to change anti-aging beauty treatments forever.

Stay tuned for more!

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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