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Put Your Best Face Forward This Holiday


During the holidays, you want your skin to sparkle and glow. But if you’re like many of the women I see in my practice, this time of year is anything but “holly and jolly!” You’re busy doing all of those holiday preparations – on top of all of your regular tasks. Then, there are the […]

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How to have a stress-free holiday


Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday is everything you want it to be. But…if this time of year has you feeling frazzled and stressed out instead of merry and bright, you’re not alone. A recent survey found that Christmas is the 6th most stressful event of our lives — right behind divorce, moving, and starting […]

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How to fight skin damage at DNA level


When it comes to reversing aging of the skin, the Sears Institute is vastly different from every other anti-aging clinic or medical-spa you may have heard of or visited… You see, we recognize that the key to reversing skin aging starts deep down at the DNA level with your telomeres. Most skin care specialists have […]

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Can you turn back the clock?


In a breakthrough study, researchers in Israel proved – for the first time in humans – that it’s not only possible to stop your body’s biological clock in its tracks… But to reverse aging at the cellular level by 25 years… Using nothing more than hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT.1 But research also shows that […]

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Care for Your Skin with All-Natural Scrubs and Masks

Woman with Natural Face Mask

Exfoliating facial scrubs and masks have been around forever… The ancient Egyptians are believed to have invented the practice. They ground up alabaster stone and combined it with sour milk to create the first exfoliating scrub and mask. Native Americans used pulverized corn cobs, as well as sand scooped from the bottom of riverbeds. Exfoliating […]

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Royal oil to menopause rescue?

Royal oil to menopause rescue?

In an earlier letter, I told you that England’s Queen Victoria used CBD to relieve the agonizing pain of menstrual cramps. If she was smart, she kept using the oil to help deal with the symptoms of menopause. Of course, 150 years ago, menopause wasn’t the disabling “disease” that I see in so many of […]

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Supermodel’s skincare secret

Supermodel’s skincare secret

Supermodel’s skincare secret Actress and supermodel Miranda Kerr has a skincare secret she swears is the key to her ageless, glowing complexion… After visiting the former Victoria’s Secret model in New York City, I can tell you she looks as amazing in person as she does in pictures. Her skin is radiant and she beams […]

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Dare to Go Bare


If you’ve ever suffered from toenail fungus, you’re not alone. I see this condition a lot in my South Florida clinic. The humidity here is relentless and fungus is quick to thrive. But it’s not just a problem in warm climates. In fact, 10% to 15% of all adults have a fungal infection of the […]

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Sophia Loren’s Beauty Secret


When I think of a classic Hollywood beauty, I think of Marilyn Monroe. But in 1960s Europe, all eyes were on Italian bombshell Sophia Loren. Actress Sophia Loren looks as stunning today at age 84 as she did when she started her career. And at 84 years old, Sophia looks as stunning today as she […]

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