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Dare to Go Bare


If you’ve ever suffered from toenail fungus, you’re not alone. I see this condition a lot in my South Florida clinic. The humidity here is relentless and fungus is quick to thrive. But it’s not just a problem in warm climates. In fact, 10% to 15% of all adults have a fungal infection of the […]

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Sophia Loren’s Beauty Secret


When I think of a classic Hollywood beauty, I think of Marilyn Monroe. But in 1960s Europe, all eyes were on Italian bombshell Sophia Loren. Actress Sophia Loren looks as stunning today at age 84 as she did when she started her career. And at 84 years old, Sophia looks as stunning today as she […]

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Fat-Fighting Secret


Do you ever dream of escaping to an exotic tropical island? I admit I have… It started way back when I was a boy. My father told me stories about the time he spent on the Indonesian island of Bali. He was stationed there as a young soldier during WWII. The sacred lotus is much […]

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Are “Smart Devices” Making Us Age Faster?


Did you know that technology we’re addicted to makes us look older faster? It’s true. Using smartphones, iPads, laptops or other hand-held devices for several hours a day leaves telltale creases above the collarbone, which make you age. And it’s not as much using them per se, but how we use them. Craning our becks […]

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Smile Wine Is Good for Your Teeth


Last Tuesday was National Red Wine Day. Now, it’s impossible to keep up with every single so-called “national holiday.” But if I had known, I would’ve uncorked a bottle of the red rooibos wine I brought back with me from South Africa. Red wine contains two compounds that stop plaque from forming – keeping your […]

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Wild Peruvian rose reverses signs of aging


On a recent trip to South America, I stumbled upon a wild rosebush growing high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It turns out that this humble shrub in an important key to the smooth and ageless skin of the women who live in this region. I was so impressed with the oil this plant […]

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Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow?


A thick, shiny head of hair makes you feel sexy, feminine and strong. So if you’re like most women, you’ll do whatever it takes keep your hair looking healthy and voluminous. Including spending a lot of money – $55,000, in fact. That’s what the average American woman will spend on hair care in her lifetime. […]

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This Is Worse for Your Smile Than Red Wine


  You’ve probably heard that red wine is good for your heart, but bad for your teeth. That it can stain your enamel and turn your bright white smile dull and dark. But before you switch from red to white wine, there’s something you need to know… White wine is even worse for your teeth […]

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