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Get to the Root of Great Hair


You can use the most expensive, high-end haircare products… and they won’t do a thing to help your hair grow. I’ve seen it over and over again at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine. Patients come in, full of despair because their hair has started to fall out — sometimes in clumps, sometimes right along […]

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Supermodel Did THIS to Regrow 75% Missing Hair

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The only way to regrow strong, healthy hair — and prevent further hair loss — is to get to the root of the problem… I’m talking about your hair follicles. Because these tiny glands control how full and thick your hair can be. As you know, the hair on your head is dead. And applying […]

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Beware Hair Loss Franken-Drug


Big Pharma just developed a new “Franken-drug” to fight female hair loss. According to the International Journal of Dermatology, Australian researchers recently tested a combination of spironolactone — a drug used to treat high blood pressure and acne — and minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine®. Some of the 100 female participants in this 12-month […]

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Stem Cells Regrow Lost Locks


What if you could use a printer to regrow your thinning hair… Well, researchers have just discovered a way to grow hair follicles in a petri dish using stem cells and plastic molds made on a 3D printer. The molds recreate the environment that human hair cells live in. Follicle cells from human donors were […]

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Cleopatra’s Secret Regrows Your Hair

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Long and Healthy Hair Cleopatra’s silky, long black hair is legendary. She was known as one of the most beautiful and intriguing women of her time. Men desired her. And women wanted to look like her. Historians say she used different styles to her advantage, mimicking Greek queens to establish a royal appearance; or styling […]

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How Can I Grow Hair?


How To Grow Hair in Just Days There’s a new marketing gimmick going on in hair care… And if you’re not careful, it could end up costing you a pretty penny. When you walk up and down the aisle of any drug store, you’ll notice the shelves are stocked with “protein-rich” shampoos that promise to […]

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How Can I Regrow Hair at Home?

Finally, Stem Cells Grow New Hair A monumental discovery has conquered the single biggest limitation in stem cell science – hair growth. This breakthrough could not have come at a better time. Women are now experiencing hair loss and thinning at a much younger age than ever before. In fact, according to the American Hair […]

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How To Protect Your Hair


Protect Your Hair in Summer Let’s be honest, there aren’t too many things better than being poolside cool this time of year. Splashing around in the water on a hot summer day is invigorating… But summertime can be very hard on our hair. Before you dive in to the deep end this summer, here is […]

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