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Beauty May Only Be Skin Deep, But…

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Your beauty is a reflection of the health of what lies underneath your skin.

Until now, you could only reach that far by going to a dermatologist and getting injections. These pierce the outer layer of skin called the epidermis. An injection was necessary because it had to get to what lies underneath the surface of your skin. They go deeper… into the dermis.

The dermis is the layer of skin underneath that supplies the nourishment, oxygen, and removes waste … all the things that keep your skin healthy.

Today I want to talk to you about a new technology designed to support and nourish that underlayer of skin without piercing or manhandling the skin tissue. In other words, to get to the real source of your skin’s beauty – without injections.

To do this you need a new and special technology called liposomes. They can serve as transport chambers to send nourishment under the skin.

Liposome technology has proven particularly useful in skin care. Thanks to these special liposomes – we can send nutrition right through the tough, protective outer barrier of the skin, right to where you need it.

When you apply liposome cream to your face, the liposomes in the skin cream work their way inside your skin, fuse with the skin cell membranes and then release their contents directly inside the cells.

Now we have discovered how we can use these liposome transport chambers to deliver hyaluronic acid (HA) to your skin. When HA is delivered you get a plumping effect inside your skin. When the effect wears off, you can simply smooth on a little liposome cream. It’s like having a “med spa” at your fingertips.

You get the nutrition where you need it – inside the skin cells. Not stuck outside your skin’s tough outer layer.

It’s really a fantastic discovery – the kind I get so excited about as a researcher.

You now have the opportunity to get your hands on my groundbreaking liposome technology formula.

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