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What You Need To Know About Beauty Energy


The holidays are always fun for me. But for many of my patients, they can be downright exhausting. Running around, stress, and worry can wear you out. It can even be tiring having a lot of fun. We feel the most run-down during the busiest times. But our bodies are still humming along even when […]

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Beauty May Only Be Skin Deep, But…


Your beauty is a reflection of the health of what lies underneath your skin. Until now, you could only reach that far by going to a dermatologist and getting injections. These pierce the outer layer of skin called the epidermis. An injection was necessary because it had to get to what lies underneath the surface […]

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The Rainforest Lift For Your Skin

During one of my trips into the Amazon Rainforest, I heard about the Guarani tribe, and their ancient herb they use to fight fatigue and maximize physical endurance. It works. We were on a grueling 18 hour trek through the jungle. But the whole time my mind was crystal clear. I never felt worn out. […]

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Anti-Aging Breakthrough From The Alps


It’s not just the passing years that take a toll on a woman’s skin. It’s also the hostile environment you live in. You see, we live in a world where women face constant exposure to damaging UV radiation, pollutants, dry air and wind. All of these ravage your skin. They rob you of vital moisture […]

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New “Vampire” Therapy Turns Back The Years


I’ve seen a lot of cosmetic therapies come and go over the years. Some work well enough.  But others cause more damage than benefits. You just have to look at some aging Hollywood actresses to see the pitfalls of too much plastic surgery. But right now, I’m working on a cosmetic anti-aging therapy like nothing […]

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Cleanse, Repair And Rejuvenate In Minutes

Your skin is a miracle of design. It protects you from the elements, carries toxins out of your body, and allows you to touch, feel and explore the world. But your skin’s not built to withstand a daily bath of artificial chemicals. And that’s exactly what it gets when you use most commercial cleansers. It’s […]

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Super Secret Defends You from Stress-Induced Aging

Stress can hurt you. Mental stress makes you worry and lose sleep. While physical stress can take a toll on your body… And when your body ages, your skin no longer produces enough new, healthy cells and begins to sag, wrinkle and look older. But it wasn’t until the discovery of telomeres that we could […]

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Is Your Sweet Tooth Giving You Wrinkles?

Here in South Florida, I see lots of patients with leathery, wrinkled skin. Even though the sun down here can be a powerful healing agent, too much of a good thing can damage skin. But over the past few years, I’ve noticed something strange. Patients with no sun damage or other risk factors are looking […]

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Natural Stress-Buster that Lets You Live Longer

As you know, one of the main areas of focus at my wellness clinic is non-invasive, natural therapies for anti-aging. That’s why when patients come to me with what they call the “symptoms of old age,” I feel compelled to set them on the right course. And I can tell you that the literally thousands […]

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