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Boost Your Body’s Stem Cell Regeneration

Your body holds the key to preventing — and even curing — almost every disease known to modern medicine.

The problem is that despite scientific advances, it will be decades before mainstream medicine knows how to use it.

I’m talking about triggering the power of your body’s own stem cells.

Most mainstream doctors will tell you stem therapies are “still experimental” — but what they really mean is that they don’t know enough about stem cells to offer you any guidance or therapy.

And in today’s letter, I’m going to show you how you can ramp up your own stem cells and your own internal healing power — right now. 

I call stem cells the ultimate natural cure for whatever ails you. They are your reserve of healthy master cells. Your body uses them to replace cells that are damaged, old or dying.

And they allow your body to regenerate damaged tissue in any organ — from your brain to your heart to your liver. They have the potential to rebuild aching joints, and cure diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even cancer.

They can even make your face and skin look decades younger.

Mainstream medicine will tell you that your stash of stem cells declines as you age. And when that happens, your body heals less efficiently. You become more prone to illness and injury.

While this is true, you’re not being told about the latest research, which shows that you can increase your body’s own supply of stem cells. The key is exercise — but not just any kind of exercise.

Let me explain…

A recent study in the European Heart Journal showed that vigorous exercise in mice activated 60% of their cardiac stem cells. After just two weeks of exercise the mice had a 7% increase in their cardiomyocytes, the “beating” cells in heart tissue.1

It works for humans, too. In another study, a simple exercise program made dormant stem cells in the heart leap into action. And, amazingly, these new stem cells helped remodel the heart in a group of heart-failure patients.2

And Italian researchers recently proved that exercise can lead to high levels of stem cells in bone, liver, and other organs.3

Exercise has also been shown to activate stem cells in your bone marrow. This is the source of the cells that make up your immune system. These stem cells have been shown to help heal heart attacks, stroke, skin burns, and nerve damage from toxins.4,5,6,7,8

But you see, not all exercise activates stem cells. You have to reach a high enough intensity for that to happen. That’s why my PACE anti-aging exercise program is so popular and has been so successful.

With PACE, which stands for Progressively Accelerates Cardiopulmonary Exertion, I’ve created a program that incrementally increases lung and heart power — no matter what your fitness level — and at the same time boost your stem cells.

Your goal with PACE is to hit a peak of intensity in a short timeframe and then rest. And by making small increases in intensity over time, your lung and heart power continue to expand — and your stem cells continue to flourish.

And you don’t have to do hours of cardio. You can be done in 12 minutes.

And it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in when you start. You can begin with a level that’s right for you and slowly progress to more intensity.  PACE will help you:

  • Build strength and capacity in your heart and lungs;
  • Avoid heart attacks and cardiovascular disease;
  • Develop a powerful and disease-resistant immune system;
  • Dramatically increase your energy levels;
  • Burn fat like never before.

If you’d like to start optimizing your body’s stem cell production today, I recommend trying this classic PACE exercise at home. It’s a simple crunch.

  1. Lie on the floor face up with knees bent and feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart;
  2. Place your hands behind your head to support your neck;
  3. Lift both your head and your feet at the same time and crunch together squeezing both the upper and lower abdominal muscles;
  4. Release head and feet to the floor;
  5. Repeat for three or four minutes at a speed and level of intensity you’re comfortable with;
  6. Rest and recover.

Aim for three sets like this. To make it a true PACE workout, increase the challenge when you’re ready. For instance, instead of bending your knees, straighten your legs and stretch your hands toward your feet. Now lift your head and legs at the same time crunching your abdominal muscles together.

Start slowly. It will take a few sessions to build up your stamina, strength and balance.

If you want to learn some other good PACE exercises at home, check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlSearsMD/videos.

I have more than 30 different exercises and a complete workout to help you get started.

To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS

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