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How to protect your heart


Contrary to what you’ve heard, there’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” cholesterol. Cholesterol is a natural part of our bodies…and until everyone understands it’s not “broken,” they’re never going to get it right. Big Pharma has made billions from its cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. Big Food has also made billions from their processed “heart-healthy, […]

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Is your blood pressure reading all wrong?


Have you heard of “white coat syndrome?” It’s when your blood pressure spikes up to 30% simply because you’re seeing your doctor… And it’s much more likely to happen to women and seniors. High blood pressure is a serious condition. It’s potentially deadly… which means it’s important to diagnose it properly. If you have it, […]

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How can I achieve real weight loss?


If you’re dieting, stop. Not only because it will make you gain more weight — but sooner or later, you’ll beat yourself up for failing. That’s what happened to my patient. Her weight yo-yoed between 120 and 180 pounds for more than a decade. Like most people who diet, my patient blamed a lack of […]

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How can you strengthen your immune system?


Women can be stronger than men in a lot of ways – stamina, flexibility, balance, and increased longevity. But nowhere is the difference between men and women’s strength more apparent than when it comes to the immune system. Numerous studies prove females produce a much stronger immune response than males. And that this immune protection […]

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What is the key to to burning fat fast?


At this time of year, a lot of my patients ask me how they can lose weight. As you know, my advice is to always seek natural alternatives to Big Pharma drugs. And that’s especially important when it comes to diet pills. The FDA always seems to be approving a new “miracle” weight-loss pill, only […]

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Help Your Body Create Younger Cells


Most doctors and scientists believe your body wears out because of environmental “wear and tear” — the same way your car gets old and starts having problems. But you are not a broken-down old car! And when doctors use this theory to treat you, they’ll only treat the symptoms of aging. They’ll try prescription drugs […]

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How to strengthen your immune system


I’m seeing an epidemic of autoimmune diseases in my practice – and women are affected in far greater numbers. They come to me when doctor after doctor has ignored their symptoms or given up on them. You see, the problem is most doctors just don’t understand these diseases. I’m talking about disorders like lupus… rheumatoid […]

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Can excess weight damage your lungs?


If you find yourself feeling more anxious than ever, it’s completely understandable… These are strange and stressful times we’re going through. I see a lot more patients today who tell me that in the past year they’ve turned into cake- and cookie-eating couch potatoes. Don’t feel bad about it. Comfort eating is a human reaction […]

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Are there hundreds of chemicals on your skin?


A recent study found that most women slap a staggering 515 synthetic and toxic chemicals on their bodies every day without realizing it.1 Then, there are the 200 or so dangerous airborne pollutants your skin is exposed to. And that’s not even counting the thousands of other toxins you eat, drink, breathe, or touch 365 […]

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