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7 Ways to Shed Fat… Fast


Dear Beauty Conscious Reader,

If you’ve tried and failed to burn fat in the past, I have good news … my High-Speed Fat Loss program is getting even the most hardened skeptics to change their minds about fat loss.

I developed a sure-fire way for you to lose as much weight as you want by studying the science behind metabolism and weight gain. My patients say it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Now, if you … or someone you care about … wants to burn fat and drop some weight, there’s no easier, safer or faster way than with my High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps book.

Keep reading to find out how you can start losing 2 pounds a week immediately.

To Your Good Health,

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Al Sears, MD

“Give Me 15 Minutes a Day, and I’ll Help You Safely Lose 2 Pounds a Week!”

Now, Get Rid of Excess Fat with the Same Safe, All-Natural,
7-Step Weight Loss Program That Helped “SM”
Shed 77 Pounds in No Time Flat.

Dear Beauty Conscious Reader,

When SM came to my office, he looked like he was on his last legs: red-faced, huffing, sweating, and 100 pounds overweight – with a body fat level over 50%.

“I can’t stop eating,” he complained to me, “and I can’t lose weight. Dr. Sears, I’m sick and tired of being fat. Is there anything you can do to help me?”

I sat down with SM, and for perhaps the 500th time in my medical practice, began outlining my unique 7-step method for losing weight safely and rapidly.

None of my suggestions involved counting calories … low-fat dieting … or other weight-loss “fads.”

The advice I gave SM was new to him — but not, of course, to me.

I have repeated my 7-step weight loss plan — almost word-for-word – to hundreds of my patients, readers, business associates, and friends over the years.

And the results they’ve achieved have been nothing short of spectacular:

  • EJ, an attractive young woman, weighed 169 pounds with 34% body fat. She lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks, and her body fat dropped down to 28%.
  • BD lost 13 pounds and lowered his body fat from 35% to only 16%. He also feels better, sleeps more soundly, and has more energy.
  • JM lowered his body fat from 35% to 15% — and says that his “spare tire” and double chin have both completely disappeared.

Once again, I presented my battle-tested 7-step fat-loss program. And although SM was a tad skeptical, he promised to give it a try … because the idea that he could lose weight without crazy diets or endless hours in the gym appealed to him.

Well, I kind of forgot about SM … until, that is, his next appointment 3 months later.

When I stepped into the examining room, SM was grinning from ear to ear – and I saw a changed man before me.

He had lost 77 pounds. And when I measured his body fat, it had gone from 50% to only 18.8%.

Hundreds of my patients – SM included – have gotten amazing results with my breakthrough 7-step fat-loss program.

The word of mouth here in Florida is nothing short of incredible.

Every week I get e-mails, letters, and calls from people for whom nothing else has worked — men and women who, no matter how hard they’ve tried, just haven’t been able to lose weight. Until now.

Introducing Dr. Sears’ 7 Steps to High-Speed Fat Loss

By studying the science behind human metabolism and weight gain, we’ve finally developed a sure-fire way for anyone to lose as much weight as they want. Our patients tell us it’s nothing short of a miracle!

Now, if you … or someone you care about … wants to lose weight, there’s no easier, safer, or faster way than with Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps program.

And here are the 7 steps….

>> Step #1: Power up Your Metabolism with This Vital Nutrient … eating this one food throws a “metabolic switch” that ignites high-speed fat loss – burning your food for calories instead of storing it as body fat.

>> Step #2: Purge Empty “Energy Robbers” from Your Diet … foods containing these compounds increase your glycemic load, undermining your fat loss goals.

>> Step #3: Eat Fats Your Body Can Burn … eliminate from your diet those fats your body stores, and eat more of the fats that your body oxidizes, keeping you lean.

>>Step #4: Ingest Fat-Burning “Catalysts” … these are nature’s fat-loss nutrients – specific minerals that help your body metabolize fat more rapidly.

>>Step #5: Teach Your Body Not to Store Fat … a unique exercise program that stops your body from storing fat, helps you lose weight quickly. It doesn’t require endless hours in the gym. And anyone can do it!

>>Step #6: Adjust Your Metabolism to Get Lean and Mean … control your metabolism so you attain – and maintain – your ideal weight and body fat levels.

>>Step #7: Eat Like a King or Queen and Still Lose Weight … delicious fat-loss foods that let you lose weight while walking away from every meal satisfied and satiated.Those are the broad strokes: the key concepts, the big ideas behind the 7-step weight loss system that’s been helping my patients lose fat for years.

But you need more than ideas. You need the specifics: dietary supplements to take, meals to eat, foods to avoid, exercises, ways to monitor progress, and more.

And now, you can get them… without coming to my Florida clinic… in my new guide and workbook….

Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss In 7 Easy Steps

The sad reality is: most weight-loss programs simply don’t work.

The proof is that 90% or more of those people who lose weight when they diet or follow a weight loss plan will regain it all – and in some cases, even more – within 5 years.

Americans spend $37 billion a year on weight loss products. Yet, 64.5% of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese.

Obviously, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

That’s the reason I’ve written Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps.My new guide enables my readers worldwide to put Dr. Sears’ proven 7-step weight loss program to work in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Follow the simple instructions and watch the pounds disappear. Fit into jeans you haven’t worn since high school. Get rid of that spare tire. Vanish those “thunder thighs.” Watch cankles – and your extra chins – disappear.

You’ll look – and feel – better than you have in years. Without all that extra fat around your middle … or in your rear … you’ll enjoy hiking, playing sports, even swimming once again. You’ll be proud – not embarrassed – to stroll in shorts or hit the beach in your bathing suit. Your complete “Fat Loss Coach” in a box

In the Deluxe Edition of Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps, you get my big 177-page guide and workbook — PLUS all of the following:

  • Caliper set — for measuring your body fat to lean muscle mass ratio according to simple instructions on page 44. Ideal body fat is 10-20% men and 15-25% women. Calipers let you measure your own body fat in the privacy of your home, without going to a personal trainer or doctor for measurement.
  • Myotape measure – for measuring thighs, calves, hips, and waist. It’s a real thrill to put the tape around your waist and see the inches melting away week after week!
  • Audio download: How to Beat Diabetes – Listen to Dr. Sears in his own words as he reveals the real culprit behind diabetes and how to beat it. This recording features Dr. Sears’ unique strategy for wiping out diabetes including a few inexpensive minerals most doctors don’t know about.
  • FREE bonus report #1, Use the Right Fats – mouth-watering fatty foods that are absolutely delicious – but won’t make you gain weight because they contain only healthy fats your body can oxidize instead of store.
  • FREE bonus report #2, Dr. Sears Super Fat Loss Tips – little-known weight-loss tips and techniques that aren’t part of our core 7-step system, and can help you shed even more pounds in less time.
  • Worksheets – for tracking weight, body fat, lean body mass, waistline, hip measurements, daily exercises. Starts on page 121.

Praise for our 7-step fat loss program

–Bill D. “I have lost 13 pounds. But what’s more amazing is that I am leaner than I have been in years. My body fat went from 35% to 16%.

–E.D.“After 11 years of dieting, I finally lost the weight! I went from about 210 pounds to 160 pounds in about 6 months.

–Sandy T.“These treatments have allowed me to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass. I now have incredible energy and a sense of well-being that I have not experienced for years.

–Lisa S.“Everyone has commented on my weight loss and said ‘you look great!’ My husband noticed a big change. I feel more confident and my clothes are so loose.

–Maureen V.“Dr. Sears helped me go from a size 16 to a size 10. I am very happy with the way I look now. My neighbor hadn’t seen me in 3 months and could hardly recognize me.”

–Theresa W.“I came to Dr. Sears and ended up losing 24 pounds right off the bat. I’m so happy!

Lose weight fast or your money back

When your copy of Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps arrives, examine it carefully. Study the workbook. Start following the food guidelines and doing the easy exercises. Keep a log of your daily activities by completing the worksheets.

Compare your weight before and after using Dr. Sears’ program. And then decide.

If you have not lost all the pounds you wanted to shed … if you are not leaner, trimmer, and more energetic …

Or if you are not 100% satisfied with Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps for any reason … or for no reason at all …

Just return the workbook and any other materials received within 60 days for a full and prompt refund.

That way, you risk nothing. So what are you waiting for? To start losing fat the natural way – quickly, safely, and easily – without fad diets, weight loss pills, or spending your life at the gym, call toll-free 866-792-1035 today. Or just click below now:

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.

Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss In 7 Easy Steps
Use it Risk-Free for a Full 60 Days

YES, Dr. Sears, I want to lose weight quickly, easily, safely – and permanently – without impossible diets, prescription drugs, or spending my life in the gym.

Send me Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps according to the terms and conditions indicated below:

DELUXE Edition Package: Our deluxe high-speed fat loss program for only $67.95 – a 39% discount off the regular rate of $112.70. You save over $44. Package includes:

  • Hard copy of Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps
  • Caliper set
  • Myotape measure
  • Audio Download. FREE bonus report, Use the Right Fats.
  • FREE bonus report, Dr. Sears Super Fat Loss Tips.

Order Now

Standard Edition Package: Hard copy of Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps for only  $37.95.

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Ebook Edition: Downloadable PDF e-book of Dr. Sears’ High-Speed Fat Loss in 7 Easy Steps for only $34.95.Order Now

I understand that if I am not satisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … I may return the program materials to you within 60 days for a full and prompt product refund.

Whatever I decide, any bonus gifts received are mine to keep free, without further cost or obligation of any kind. That way, I risk nothing.

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