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Age-Reversing Enzyme – Better Than Botox

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I’ve found the next big age-reversing breakthrough that can help you regain the smooth, glowing skin you had in your youth.

You won’t read about it in any beauty magazine or hear about it from a plastic surgeon.

It doesn’t involve expensive — and possibly toxic — injections like Botox or painful chemical peels. And you don’t have to keep going back to your dermatologist’s office for upkeep.

It’s a scientific breakthrough that targets your skin at the DNA level. Allowing your skin cells to repair themselves…

It starts with your telomeres. They are the most important factor in determining how well your skin ages.

And most skin-care experts don’t know the first thing about them.

But as a regular reader you know, telomeres are the end caps on each strand of your DNA. And when telomeres shorten, your skin cells age. But here’s the good news…

You can stop your telomeres from shortening… and even lengthen them.

Your cells have the ability to produce an enzyme that lengthens telomeres. This ability is locked in your DNA. Once you activate this ability, your DNA produces an enzyme called telomerase.

The telomerase then rebuilds the length of your telomeres.

And now, I discovered the next great telomere breakthrough.

It’s a remarkable enzyme that directly activates the genes that regulate and lengthen telomeres.

It’s called teprenone. And it can reverse the signs of aging in as little as 30 days.

A recent study proved the results. After using teprenone (combined with a carrier oil called caprylic acid), the women in the study say their skin firmness improved by 35% and their skin tone was restored by 45% — in just one month.

And age spots decreased by 56% after six months.1

A second group had even more amazing results:

  • 100% of the women showed improvements in skin moisture.
  • The skin’s ability to lock in moisture went up in 75% of the women.
  • 100% saw their sunspots fading.
  • More than 90% experienced an improvement in pore size.
  • Redness was reduced by 30.5%.2

Here’s how teprenone works:

Teprenone works by stimulating two enzymes, CDK2 and CBX5. This extends the lifespan of skin cells by 30%.3

This is important because the first enzyme helps regulate telomere length. The second enzyme is the one that procures the telomere’s structure and attaches it to the end of your DNA in order to rebuild telomeres and make them longer.

Teprenone also protects your cells by boosting the healing power of antioxidants. Telomeres are extremely sensitive to oxidation. Everything from making new cells to environmental toxins causes oxidative stress in your body. Antioxidants defend against the effects of oxidation.

And teprenone protects your skin from free radicals and oxidative stress. Antioxidants keep teprenone inside your cells and teprenone makes antioxidants work better to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Enhance Your Age-Reversing Enzyme with These 2 Powerful Herbs

  1. Activate telomerase with astragalus. I’ve used this humble root for decades to lower patients’ blood pressure and boost the immune system. But I’ve recently discovered it’s a strong telomerase activator. In a breakthrough study, one group of geriatric mice were fed a supplement of astragalus extract. A second control group took a placebo.

    Three months later, researchers tested the telomere length of each group. The mice given the astragalus extract had a lower percentage of very short telomeres. In other words, the telomeres of the astragalus group weren’t aging!
    I recommend supplementing with 500 mg three times a day.

  2. Try this anti-aging secret from the Amazon. I discovered a powerful telomere-lengthening herb when I was researching the Asháninka people of Peru. It’s called cat’s claw, or Uncaria tomentosa.
    In a recent study, Swedish researchers used hydrogen peroxide to trigger free-radical damage in volunteers. Then some were given cat’s claw extract, while others took a placebo. The volunteers taking cat’s claw suffered less DNA damage… and also showed a much higher level of DNA repair.

    In another study I came across in my research, I found that cells treated with cat’s claw extract lengthened telomeres and extended the lifespan of cells by 201%!4
    I suggest supplementing with 500 mg. Look for a product that is made from the inner bark of the plant.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS


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