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Sunscreen Replaced by Cellular SPF


Avoid Peeling Skin and Painful Burns This Summer with Cellular SPF

You may already know, the absolute best way to get a quick vitamin D boost is to spend some time in the sun each day.

Vitamin D is critical for strong bones and teeth, better brain power, improving your immune system and preventing diabetes.1 Plus, it helps you look and feel good.

Sadly, today’s environment makes getting this important sun exposure more of a challenge.

With the ozone layer deteriorating rapidly, your skin is at great risk – both externally and internally – of becoming severely damaged. Harsh UV B rays hit your skin with more power than it can handle and your skin…

  • Gets hotter faster
  • Changes colors sooner
  • Burns within minutes of exposure

So how do you safely get the vitamin D you need from 10 to 20 minutes of sun exposure daily without putting your skin at risk?

One way is to protect your skin from the inside out… Feed Your Skin With An Internal Sunscreen

Skin damage from the sun is all about nutrition. Deliver the right nutrients where they’re needed, and sunlight no longer poses a threat.

This is why Dr. Sears put together an unprecedented arsenal of safe, natural compounds that unleash your body’s internal sun-protecting power and help your skin halt the harmful processes that lead to burns, wrinkles and aging.

Radiance doesn’t work like commercial sun block. In fact, it doesn’t “block” the sun at all. Instead it changes the way your skin responds to sunlight internally at the cellular level through a capsule.

His revolutionary formula combines 7 high-octane nutrients that are uniquely tailored to meet your skin’s specific needs and help it defend itself naturally.

After years of living in fear of the sun, people are getting back out on the golf course and the tennis court, relaxing by the pool, and enjoying the beach without so much as a spot of redness and without exposure to chemical agents.

Radiance is an all-natural supplement alternative to chemical sunscreens.

This high-powered supplement was developed by a doctor to offer an alternative to dangerous topical sunscreens. This innovative, all-natural cellular SPF capsule literally changes the way your skin responds to sunlight. It provides chemical-free sun protection by activating your body’s most powerful antioxidant.

It helps prevent the signs of aging often associated with extended periods of sun exposure. Now you can protect your skin from the inside out, look radiant and enjoy the sun.







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