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Is Your Sunblock Increasing Sun Damage?


The multi-billion-dollar skin-care industry, with the help of the mainstream medical establishment and the media, has everyone convinced that the sun is the enemy when it comes to skin health.

So they tell you to slather on sunblock to keep your skin “healthy.”

And while sunscreens are very good at blocking UVA rays, that’s a huge problem… because your skin needs exposure to UVA rays to make vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a vitally important nutrient that insures healthy function in just about every system in your body. Vitamin D’s also the most potent cancer fighter in the world.

A report came out of a Nebraska university showing that vitamin D has the potential to lower the risk of all cancers in women over 50 by 77 percent.1

A study by the journal Anticancer Research says very clearly that the more you make vitamin D from the sun’s rays, the lower your chances are of dying from 15 kinds of cancer.2

University of California researchers discovered that oxybenzone – a common sunscreen ingredient – boosts the production of dangerous free radicals in your skin after just 20 minutes of exposure to the sun!3

You should also avoid using BHA – another common sunscreen ingredient – if you’re going out in the sun. And scientists say you shouldn’t use it at all on young children. 4

BHA and its cousin BHT are used as preservatives, but the National Institutes of Health says it’s “reasonably anticipated” to cause cancer in humans.

The truth is, commercial sunscreen products can do more harm than good. They’re loaded with chemicals that could…

  • Disarm your body’s natural defenses against sun damage… multiplying the harmful effects of the sun’s rays;
  • Damage your DNA… increasing your chances of serious health problems;
  • Affect your hormone balance and contribute to early puberty in children


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