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Most women are frustrated by trying to find a skincare product that works. The worst part is that often the most expensive anti-aging skincare products are the most ineffective.

One of the reasons most creams, lotions and moisturizers don’t work is because many companies churn out products without doing the proper research and development. They put traditional, but health-damaging, compounds such as parabens, carcinogens, and gasoline distillates in their skincare products and rush them out the door.

Resveratrol is very popular as a supplement and it’s also one of the main ingredients in red wine. But if you’re one of the thousands who take it orally or are attempting to have a glass of it during happy hour, you’re missing out on the distinct advantages it can offer your skin.

When this potent antioxidant powered by polyphenols is applied directly to the dermal layer, it quickly works to help reduce the appearance of aging from your body and face.

Dermatologists at the University of Wisconsin found that resveratrol helps protect the skin from the effects of overexposure to sunshine. And studies demonstrate that topical resveratrol improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and more.1

But you can’t extract resveratrol from grapes or red wine and add it to a cream. Nor can you capitalize on its anti-aging by drinking red wine. Sorry ladies! If only it were that simple…

The problem is resveratrol has limited stability and water solubility. So, converting it to a “usable” topical form that helps over-stressed skin can be a bit tricky.

Resveratrol goes beyond traditional cosmetic applications. When it is obtained using a cutting-edge technology and fermented with yeast, resveratrol becomes a nourishing regimen that can be used for anti-aging purposes.

First, the yeast uses resveratrol as a nutrient. Then, through the metabolic process, the yeast converts resveratrol into a more bioavailable form. Ultimately, this fusion of an antioxidant with a microorganism results in a synergistic extract that offers distinct advantages to skin cells.

Skin Reflects Internal Health and Well-Being

Until recently, skin care was restricted to mainly cosmetic applications such as topical creams rather than internal nutrition. But now some skincare companies are catching onto something Dr. Sears has been saying for years.

He conducted research at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine and discovered a novel process that not only makes topical resveratrol usable, it makes the benefits more pronounced. In fact, this process even creates attributes that exceed the compound’s original benefits.²

When you apply a product which contains highly-concentrated all-natural ingredients like resveratrol, you should see an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and a more even skin tone within a month of routine usage.

These days you can look younger than your real age without surgery or harmful chemicals. And it’s all because of the latest research and development in skin nutrition and cosmetics.



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