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Do You Know This Backyard Beauty Secret?

It never ceases to amaze me how much money women are willing to spend on beauty products that just don’t work. They’ll order jars of overpriced cream from France and tubes of useless lotion from Italy… They’ll pay exorbitant shipping charges… hoping to discover the anti-aging pot of gold. The truth is many of these […]

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Alpine Snow Flower Has Real Lifting Power

I know how incredible Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet is when it comes to plants and herbs with anti-aging properties. But every once in a while, I discover something so powerful that even I’m blown away by it. Today, I want to share my latest amazing find with you… It’s a tiny white snow flower that […]

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Bye-Bye, Eye Bags!

When I ask my women patients to tell me the one thing that bothers them most about their appearance, a lot of them point to the skin under their eyes. They think the puffiness and saggy skin makes them look run-down and tired… and older than they feel. Most of them have tried every under-eye […]

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Why Your Skin Is Starving

Like most women, you’ve probably been fed the big FAT lie. Since the 1970s, mainstream medicine and the government have been preaching about the evils of fats. They couldn’t be more wrong. As an anti-aging doctor, one of the first things I do for my patients is make sure they’re eating a primal diet. And […]

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Younger Skin From Your Dinner Plate?

I travel over 20,000 miles a year uncovering exotic healing herbs from all around the world. But there are also some incredible healing herbs right here at home. They’re loaded with plant chemicals called flavonoids that can have important anti-aging benefits. You see, your body pulls off a neat trick when it comes to eating […]

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Remarkable skin rejuvenation

I saw the disbelief on my staff’s faces. Every expression around the conference table seemed to ask, “Is this for real?” “I’m not kidding,” I told them. “This is real skincare, the way it should be.” I had handed out copies of a new study where the women all had age-related skin problems. Yet a […]

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Long Lush Lashes Without Drugs

A few years ago, Big Pharma claimed it accidentally discovered a “cure” for thinning eyelashes. Allergan was marketing its Lumigan medication for patients with glaucoma. Then eye doctors and their patients noticed an interesting side effect – longer, lusher eyelashes. In no time, Allergan started marketing the drug as “Latisse,” the first and only FDA-approved […]

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Keep Your Age A Secret

Keep Your Age A Secret Is your skin giving away your age? I’m not talking about wrinkles or bags. Do you know what really gives away a woman’s age? Skin tone. When I see splotches of uneven color, or spots from old acne scars, or sunspots from too many hours outside – well, the secret’s […]

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What’s Really in Your Nail Polish

Painting your nails is a great way to express your style and feel feminine. But there’s something you should know before you get your next manicure or pedicure. Manufacturers add ingredients to nail polish to make them shiny, dry quickly and add flexibility. That may sound like a good thing, but these ingredients also come […]

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Secret “Tree of Life”

When I traveled to India and visited the home of Ayurvedic medicine, the world’s oldest health system, one of my favorite things I learned was their name for the coconut palm tree. They call the coconut palm kalpa vriksha which means “the tree which provides all the necessities of life.” What a great name. The […]

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3 Simple Steps to a Younger You

People ask me how I’m “aging so gracefully,” and I tell them I’m not. I’m simply not aging. Aging gracefully means buying into the myth that you can’t do anything about getting older. But you can. Fighting the effects of time doesn’t have to be a full-time job, either. Chances are you can reverse the […]

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