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Ancient Herb’s Hair-Loss Secret

Over the years, scores of women have come to me with a problem they find extremely embarrassing. They’re losing their hair. Most are panicked to have this “man’s problem.” I understand. It’s not easy to lose your crowning glory. It can be emotionally and psychologically devastating. What’s worse, many of them have been frightened by […]

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Your Anti-Stress Hormone

Today I feel strongly compelled to bring something up with you. Now before you say “I already know about that,” give me a chance to point out what most of my colleagues are getting wrong about this substance. I’m talking about DHEA. You’ve probably heard about this, right? It stands for dehydroepi-androsterone. Most people will […]

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The Brazilian Aphrodisiac

Talk about a double standard… When it comes to help in the bedroom, men get all the attention. There’s a huge industry built around improving sexual performance. Today I want to balance the scales. On one of my trips, I discovered a gentle all-natural aid to help women enjoy a better sex life too. I’m […]

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She Blurted Out, “Dr. Sears, I’m Miserable!”

A.G. walked into my office one afternoon and nearly broke down into tears. “I’m entering menopause and I’m miserable,” she blurted out. Truth is, she was beyond miserable. She was desperate. She had gained 20 pounds and lost all her sex drive. She feared her husband was going to leave her. She had already seen […]

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