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Ancient Egyptian Ingredient Strengthens Hair Roots


Cleopatra’s silky, long black hair is legendary. She was known as one of the most beautiful and intriguing women of her time. Men desired her. Women wanted to look like her. Historians say she used different styles to her advantage, mimicking Greek queens to establish a royal appearance; or styling her long locks to appear […]

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Your Master Hormone Balancer

  Your life is much tougher than your mother’s or your grandmother’s was. You have much more stress than they ever did. And it never seems to let up. Today’s world is fast-paced, pressured, and chaotic. That means cortisol — your body’s stress hormone — is constantly turned on. Why is that a problem? Your […]

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How To Prevent Hair Loss


Most men and women watch their hair slowly thin with age. It is one of the most apparent signals of your age to people you meet. But you may be in the first generation of men that can actually do something about it.

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Herbal Hair Remedy

Ancient Herb’s Hair-Loss Secret Over the years, scores of women have come to me with a problem they find extremely embarrassing. They’re losing their hair. Most are panicked to have this “man’s problem.” I understand. It’s not easy to lose your crowning glory. It can be emotionally and psychologically devastating. What’s worse, many of my […]

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Liquid gold for your skin

It’s sometimes called “Liquid Gold” because the oil is so prized. When I went to Africa I saw mothers rub it on newborn babies’ skin, women brush it into their hair. People even sprinkle it on their couscous because the oil is not only good for your skin and hair, but it’s also healthy to […]

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Is Gray Hair a Pigment of Your Imagination?

When it comes to gray hair, women get the “shaft.” Over the years it’s always been perfectly acceptable for men to let their hair go gray. In fact, men with salt-and-pepper hair are called “distinguished.” Women, on the other hand, are more often referred to as “older” or “matronly.”

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Day-Old Hair… Should You Dare?

Some mornings I wake up and I’m not sure how I feel… should I or shouldn’t I? There are women out there who are blessed with hair that looks better after a few days without washing. But if you’re like me, you may feel like you need to re-vamp yesterday’s perfect coif. Problem is, you […]

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She Had The Hair Of An Elderly Man

My patient S.W. wanted me to look at her cholesterol results. Her doctor told her they were concerning. But I ended up finding something that was much more concerning to me, and to her. In examining her, I parted her hair to look at her scalp. I saw a problem I see much more often […]

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Fight Gray Hair with 4 Superfoods

Why do some people start seeing gray hairs in high school while others have a bright head of hair well into their golden years? The answer is a mix of genetics, age and overall health — with a few other factors thrown in. Here’s what could be causing those silver strands to crop up…

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