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Why Women Go Bald

I was chatting with Cindy, my client services manager, the other day. She mentioned that a few of you had called her to ask about solutions for thinning hair. She was surprised when I told her I have a new solution that I’ve used with my patients. I’ve seen their hair look fuller, more luscious, […]

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Anti-Aging Vegetable Compound Protects Your Skin

If you love staying out in the sunshine but worry when that tan turns into a burn, there’s a groundbreaking study you should know about. It blows another hole in the modern medical myth that sunshine’s bad for you – and that sunscreens full of toxic chemicals are your best and only defense.

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Botox: No Longer Just For Beauty

You are probably most familiar with Botox as a cosmetic procedure. For years, doctors have been using Botox to diminish their patients’ facial wrinkles. And since the FDA approved Botox as an anti-wrinkle serum in April of 2002, its use has become common.

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